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First Day Schedule
Group A
Bosnia 50% Nov.11 Slovakia
Iceland 50% Nov.11 Montenegro
Group B
Estonia 50% Nov.11 Turkey
Poland 50% Nov.11 Belarus
Group C
Albania 50% Nov.11 Russia
Lithuania 50% Nov.11 Hungary
Group D
Portugal 50% Nov.11 Greece
United Kingd 50% Nov.11 Israel
Group E
Finland 50% Nov.11 France
Romania 50% Nov.11 Slovenia
Group F
Bulgaria 50% Nov.11 Spain
Holland 50% Nov.11 Ukraine
Group G
Switzerl. 50% Nov.11 Belgium
Germany 50% Nov.11 Czech R.
Group H
FYR Macedon 50% Nov.11 Italy
Croatia 50% Nov.11 Sweden
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2013 EuroBasket Qualifications are over (Round 10) - Jul 14, 2012

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Group A
Ukraine - Hungary 73-66
Ukraine booked a spot for the 2013 EuroBasket in France. They outplayed Hungary in do-or-die game today 73-66 joining them with 5-3 record in Group A. Ukraine finished as the second ranked team in this pool thanks to Round 5 victory in Hungary. Today, visitors had much better start (14-22), but Ukraine took control on them after that to register this crucial win. Quarters: 14-22, 21-16, 22-13, 16-15. Alina Iagupova (186-G-92, agency: LBM Management) led the hosts in scoring with 23 points and she grabbed 8 rebounds as well. Olexandra Kurasova (186-F-86) had monster double-double of 16 points and 19 rebounds (valuation 29, MVP), while Ganna Zarytska (182-F-86, agency: Data Plus Group) helped with 12 points. In defeat, Katalin Honti (175-G-87) collected 21 points and 5 rebs. Allie Quigley (180-G-86, college: De Paul) and Dora Horti (195-C-87, agency: Laszlo Vinko Group) stopped to 11 pts apiece. Their Hungary failed to reach the final tournament.

Israel - Portugal 58-47
Israel outplayed Portugal in the last round of 2013 EuroBasket Qualifications. It was a 58-47 victory for the home squad, who finished with 4-4 record in Group A (No.4). Portugal is the last ranked team in this pool with 0-8. Third period was the crucial one in this meeting and it belonged to Israel 18-7. Quarters: 14-12, 16-16, 18-7, 10-12. Katia Levitsky (190-PF-85, agency: Data Plus Group, college: Villanova) stepped up for the hosts with 14 points and 8 rebounds. Shay Doron (175-SG-85, college: Maryland) had 12 points and 5 rebs, while Liron Cohen (173-G-82) netted 11 points. Visitors got 11 points and 12 boards from Sofia Silva (187-C-90). Ana Oliveira (176-F-83, college: UTSA) also scored 11 pts and Maria Correia (174-G/F-91) added four less. Both teams failed to reach the final tournament in France. Belarus and Ukraine are two countries which advanced from this group.

Group B
Estonia - Serbia 58-97
Serbia had no troubles to beat Estonia today with almost 40 points difference, 58-97. It was the crucial game for Serbia and after this victory they booked a spot for 2013 EuroBasket in France. Serbia is the second ranked team of Group B with 6-2 record. Top ranked Montenegro and No.3 Poland finished with the same numbers. Estonia should forget these qualifications as soon as possible because they ended with poor 0-8 score. Serbia dominated from the beginning and Estonia simply was not able to reply. Quarters: 16-30, 14-18, 13-18, 15-31. Jelena Maksimovic (192-C-82) (9 rebs) and Milica Dabovic (175-PG-82) (5 as) led the winners with 21 points each. Maksimovic spent just 17 minutes on the court. Sara Krnjic (193-C-91) was third scorer in victory with 18 points (7 rebs). The hosts got 17 pts from Mirjam Nikolai (177-G-86) and 14 pts, plus 7 boards from Mailis Pokk (185-F/C-92).

Poland - Switzerland 64-51
Poland was better than Switzerland 64-51, but it didn't help them to book a ticket for 2013 EuroBasket in France. Serbia celebrated in Estonia today and grabbed the second place in Group B. Poland is No.3 with 6-2 record and failed to advance. Switzerland finished 2-6 record in this pool taking position No.4. Poland made 8-point lead in the first ten minutes of the game and jumped to plus 13 until the halftime. The hosts managed to keep that lead for rest of the way. Agnieszka Majewska (195-C-82) (6 rebs) and Martyna Koc (186-C-83, agency: Promotex) (5 rebs) scored 11 points each for the winners. Agnieszka Skobel (179-F-89) and Magdalena Losi (173-F-80, agency: Promotex) added 10 points and 6 boards apiece. Visitors got 20 points from Karen Twehues (182-G-83, college: Cincinnati) and Marielle Giroud (180-F-87) shined with 16 pts, plus 15 boards. Their third scorer was Lara Thalmann (172-G-88) with only 5 pts (5 rebs).

Group C
Belgium - Holland 72-61
Belgium registered its first win in 2013 EuroBasket Qualifications. They handed 72-61 loss to Holland for 1-7 record in Group C. This win didn't help Belgium to avoid the last place in this pool. Holland ended as No.4 with 2-6 and both teams failed to reach the final tournament in France. Laurence Van Malderen (190-C-81, agency: LBM Management) (7 rebs) and Noemie Mayombo (170-PG-91, agency: LBM Management) led the winners with 13 points each. Emma Meesseman (192-C-93, agency: LBM Management) added 12 points and 7 rebs. In defeat, Naomi Halman (191-F/C-86, agency: Regeneracom Sports, college: Cal-Irvine) was better than the others with 16 points and 5 boards. Their second scorer was Tanya Broering (178-G-84) with 13 pts (6 rebs). Belgium exploded in the last ten minutes to take the victory tonight. Quarters: 15-13, 16-26, 22-13, 19-9.

Slovakia - Slovenia 93-54
Slovakia is the winner of Group C with almost perfect 7-1 record. They handed 93-54 loss to Slovenia today and will compete next year at the EuroBasket in France. Slovenia finished qualifications with 4-4 record and failed to reach the final tournament. They had big problems with injuries. Slovakia took control on its rival from the beginning and never looked back. Quarters: 20-13, 22-13, 18-13, 33-15. Timea Sujova (173-G-84) scored 16 points in victory and Katarina Tetemondova (188-F/C-88) added 15 points, plus 5 boards. Ivana Jalcova (182-G-83) netted 13 pts to help her country. In defeat, Tina Trebec (189-F-90, agency: Kotnik Sports Agency) was better than the others with 15 points and 5 rebounds. Sandra Pirsic (195-C-84) and Martina Osterman (188-F-88) stopped to 11 pts each.

Group D
Germany - Sweden 62-73
Sweden closed 2013 EuroBasket Qualifications in style. They handed 62-73 home loss to Germany for almost perfect 7-1 record in Group D. Sweden is the winner of this pool and of course booked a ticket for the final tournament in France next year. Germany finished as third ranked team with 3-5 record. Sweden was up by 5 at the halftime and jumped to 11-point lead with ten minutes to go. Germany was not able to reply and visitors celebrated comfortable win. Louice Halvarsson (189-C-89, agency: Josep and Nicolas) paced Sweden with 20 points and 6 rebounds. Frida Eldebrink (174-G-88, agency: Josep and Nicolas) had 16 points and 6 rebs, while Elin Eldebrink (174-G-88, agency: Josep and Nicolas) added 10 points and 12 boards. The hosts got 17 points from Sarah Austmann (179-G/F-85). Katharina Fikiel (193-F/C-87) had 15 pts and 8 rebs.

Romania - Bulgaria 75-68 OT
Romania closed 2013 EuroBasket qualifications with victory. They celebrated 75-68 OT win against Bulgaria today for 3-5 record in Group D (5th place). At the other side, Bulgaria ended as the last ranked team in this pool with 1-7. Both teams failed to reach the final tournament in France. Romania made 13-6 in extra five minutes to take the victory today. Quarters: 23-15, 8-13, 19-18, 12-16, 13-6. Gabriela Marginean (182-F-87, college: Drexel) was a key player for the winners with 26 points. Elisabeth Pavel (192-C-90) had double-double of 12 points and 10 rebounds, while Ancuta Stoenescu (169-G-80, agency: Data Plus Group) collected 8 pts, 6 rebs and 5 assists. In Bulgaria, Radoslava Bachvarova (183-F-87, agency: LBM Management, college: VCU) was better than the others with 18 points and 7 rebounds. Vera Perostiyska (196-C-82, college: FIU) (10 rebs) and Daniela Georgieva (184-G/F-86) (5 rebs) posted 15 and 13 pts respectively.

Group E
Finland - Italy 62-82
Italy ended 2013 EuroBasket qualifications in style. They cruised past Finland on the road 62-82 for almost perfect 7-1 record in Group E. Italy won this pool and of course advanced to the final tournament in France. Finland finished as No.4 with 3-5 and failed to advance. Italy exploded in the second half to take the victory today. Quarters: 21-22, 17-21, 16-24, 8-15. Ilaria Zanoni (180-G-86) shined with 21 points for 19 minutes on the court. Raffaella Masciadri (185-F-80) (5 rebs) and Giulia Gatti (172-G-89, agency: LBM Management) (5 rebs) netted 10 and 9 points respectively. Taru Tuukkanen (190-C-77, agency: Regeneracom Sports, college: Xavier) shined in defeat with 24 points and 13 rebounds. She was the MVP of this meeting with valuation 31. Heta Korpivaara (186-G/F-84, agency: Regeneracom Sports, college: Seton Hall) (6 rebs) and Dionne Pounds (174-F-84, agency: Regeneracom Sports, college: Lamar) scored 8 points each.

Greece - Luxembourg 70-62
Greece celebrated 70-62 victory against Luxembourg in the last day of 2013 EuroBasket Qualifications. Greece finished as third ranked team of Group E with 5-3 record, but it was not enough for them to advance. Latvia, who also has 5-3, reached the final tournament due to better numbers in two games against Greece. Latvia outplayed Greece 63-46 in Round 3, but Greece celebrated 14-point home win in Round 8 and failed to advance for just 3 pts. Fedra Skiadopoulou (191-C-90) led the winners today with 21 points and 12 rebounds. Zoi Dimitrakou (188-F-87, agency: Josep and Nicolas) scored 14 points and Lolita Lymoura (180-G-85, agency: LBM Management) had 8. In defeat, Cathy Schmit (170-G-90) collected 15 points and 6 assists, while Lena Hetto (184-F-93) added 14 pts and 6 rebs. Nadia Mossong (182-F-86, college: E.Kentucky) followed with 13 points and 11 boards. Quarters: 18-7, 20-18, 17-19, 15-18. Lithuania ended as the last ranked team in Group E with 0-8.   

Kiril Bolshakov takes over Ukrainian National Team - 1 month ago
Kiril Bolshakov (agency: Octagon Europe ) takes over Ukrainian National Team. The experienced 55-year old Ukrainian coach Kiril Bolshakov (agency: Octagon Europe ) returns from Italy where he coached Acqua Vitasnella Cantu (Italy-Serie A). Bolshakov replaced Holopov in the team. Earlier Kiril coached at Krasny Oktyabr, Dnipro and Zaporizhya. Bolshakov was also voted All-Ukrainian Superleague Coach of the Year back in 2010.   [read more]
2019 EuroBasket Qualifiers Draw Results - 2 months ago
2019 EuroBasket Qualifying Stage Draw has been held today. Eight groups with four teams in each have been sorted out. Group A: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Montenegro, Slovakia Group B: Estonia, Poland, Belarus, Turkey Group C: Albania, Lithuania, Hungary, Russia Group D: Portugal, Great Britain, Israel, Greece Group E: Finland, Romania, Slovenia, France Group F: Bulgaria, Netherlands, Ukraine, Spain Group G: Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium Group H: FYR Macedonia, Croat...   [read more]

Maltsi All-European Championships Awards 2017 - 3 months ago All-European Championships 1st Team 2017
Evanthia Maltsi
Alba Torrens
Cecilia Zandalasini
Nwal-Endene Miyem
Emma Meesseman
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European Championships Standings
Group A
 1. Bosnia 0-0 
 2. Iceland 0-0 
 3. Montenegro 0-0 
 4. Slovakia 0-0 
Group B
 1. Belarus 0-0 
 2. Estonia 0-0 
 3. Poland 0-0 
 4. Turkey 0-0 
Group C
 1. Albania 0-0 
 2. Hungary 0-0 
 3. Lithuania 0-0 
 4. Russia 0-0 
Group D
 1. U.Kingdom 0-0 
 2. Greece 0-0 
 3. Israel 0-0 
 4. Portugal 0-0 
Group E
 1. Finland 0-0 
 2. France 0-0 
 3. Romania 0-0 
 4. Slovenia 0-0 
Group F
 1. Bulgaria 0-0 
 2. Spain 0-0 
 3. Holland 0-0 
 4. Ukraine 0-0 
Group G
 1. Belgium 0-0 
 2. Czech Rep. 0-0 
 3. Germany 0-0 
 4. Switzerland 0-0 
Group H
 1. Croatia 0-0 
 2. Italy 0-0 
 3. FYR Macedon. 0-0 
 4. Sweden 0-0 

European Championships for Small Countries Final Standings
 1. Malta
 2. Ireland
 3. Moldova
 4. Andorra
 5. Gibraltar
 6. Wales
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 21.3
 1. Iagupova, UKR21.3 
 2. Zandalasini, ITA19.0 
 3. Torrens, ESP17.8 
 4. Hollingswort., TUR17.7 
 5. Meesseman, BEL17.5 
 6. Petrovic, SRB17.0 
 7. Robinson, MNT16.7 
 8. Maltsi, GRE16.1 
 9. Vaughn, CZE16.0 
 10. Udodenko, UKR15.3 
Rebounds Per Game
 Angelica ROBINSON
  Avg: 13.7
 1. Robinson, MNT13.7 
 2. Vadeeva, RUS12.3 
 3. Steinberga, LAT11.1 
 4. Zandalasini, ITA9.6 
 5. Hollingswort., TUR9.3 
 6. Udodenko, UKR9.3 
 7. Lyttle, ESP8.5 
 8. Ruzickova, SVK8.3 
 9. Meesseman, BEL7.2 
 10. Nicholls, ESP6.7 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.3
 1. Skerovic, MNT6.3 
 2. Iagupova, UKR5.5 
 3. Prince, RUS5.0 
 4. Vyoralova, CZE4.7 
 5. Vardarli, TUR4.5 
 6. Carpreaux, BEL4.5 
 7. Alben, TUR4.5 
 8. Baric, SLO4.3 
 9. Mujovic, MNT4.3 
 10. Bentley, BLR4.3 
Steals Per Game
 Olivia EPOUPA
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Epoupa, FRA2.7 
 2. Lyttle, ESP2.7 
 3. Vyoralova, CZE2.7 
 4. Udodenko, UKR2.5 
 5. Prince, RUS2.3 
 6. Dabovic, SRB2.3 
 7. Torrens, ESP2.2 
 8. Carpreaux, BEL2.2 
 9. Steinberga, LAT2.0 
 10. Iagupova, UKR2.0 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Meesseman, BEL1.7 
 2. Wauters, BEL1.5 
 3. Vieru, RUS1.3 
 4. Hatar, HUN1.3 
 5. Hanusova, CZE1.3 
 6. Nicholls, ESP1.2 
 7. Vadeeva, RUS1.0 
 8. Krivacevic, HUN1.0 
 9. Maiga, RUS1.0 
 10. Kaltsidou, GRE0.9 
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