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Ivan Milenkovic

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Group A
Slovenia 50% Aug.31 Poland
Iceland 50% Aug.31 Greece
France 50% Aug.31 Finland
Group B
Germany 50% Aug.31 Ukraine
Italy 50% Aug.31 Israel
Lithuania 50% Aug.31 Georgia
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EuroBasket 2013 Qualifying Round. Day 8 - Sep 5, 2012

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Group A
Montenegro - Estonia 76-67
Montenegro propel over Estonia in Podgorica for 8-0 record at the EuroBasket Qualification Round. The team won the group with two rounds remaining. Estonia meanwhile fell at 4-4 record and dropped to the 4th position. Montenegro won the first period 24:15 and continued their dominance in the rest of the game. They added 13-12 in the second frame and led 10 points at the halftime. Estonia reduced to 7 after three quarters when they produced 22-19 in it. Vladimir Dasic (208-PF-88, agency: Beo Basket) later made two free throws for 71:60 and Ivanovic scored four in a row for 73:64. Hallik and Sehovic were the last players to score for both teams. Vladimir Dasic top-scored for the winners with 14 points, while Suad Sehovic, Sead Sehovic (196-G/F-89) and Dubljevic delivered 10 points each. Gregor Arbet (195-G/F-83) notched 12 in defeat, whilst Kangur and Hallik brought 11 apiece. Talts and Vene finished the game with 10 points apiece in a loss.

Israel - Iceland 92-75
Israel climb to 5-3 record in Group A EuroBasket Qualification Round. The team overcame Iceland 92:75 and share the second place with Serbia. Iceland meanwhile dropped at 1-7 record in the group. Iceland surprised the host in the first period and grabbed 20:17 lead. Israel needed the win more and bounced back with 25-18 in the second quarter. Moreover Israel scored 25 points also in the third and the last quarters. They produced 25-19 in the third period and finished the game with 25-18 in the last stanza. Ohayon made the last points for the winning side from the free throw line. Omri Casspi (204-SF-88) paced all the winners with 22 points and Lior Eliyahu (203-SF-85, agency: Z.A.G. - Law Offices) collected 20 points and 11 rebounds. Tyus delivered 19 points and 10 rebounds, whilst Kozikaro posted 8. Jakob Sigurdarson (192-PG-82, college: Birm.Southern) finished the game with 21 points for the guests and Stefansson brought 20. Finnur Magnusson and Ermolinskij followed them with 10 points apiece in defeat.

Serbia - Slovakia 87-62
Serbia celebrated the fifth win in Group A of EuroBasket Qualifying Round. They knocked down Slovak Republic to improve at 5-2 record in the third position in the ladder. Nemanja Nedovic (191-PG-91, agency: Beo Basket) scored 20 points to lead the winners. Slovak Republic slipped at 1-7 record after the defeat. Serbia jumped to an early lead. They outscored Slovak Republic 22:10 in the first ten minutes. The visitors lacked their main offensive weapon Anton Gavel. They accounted for just 15 points in the second frame as Serbia piled up a 17-point lead at halftime 42:25. Serbia dominated throughout the second half. They ensured a 65:44 advantage at the final intermission. Serbia did not slow down in the fourth period and rallied to a comfortable win. Nemanja Bjelica (209-F/C-88, agency: Interperformances) provided 11 points, while Zoran Erceg had 10 points for the winners. Martin Bilik (194-G/F-87) answered with 16 points for Slovak Republic. Robert Nuber had 9 points in the loss.

Group B
Germany - Bulgaria 79-69
Germany keep the perfect record in Group B of the EuroBasket Qualification Round. The favorites improved to 6-0 record after the win over Bulgaria 79:69. The latter fell at 3-4 record on the third place. Germany looked better in the first period and opened the game with 17-12. Moreover the hosts added 24-20 in the second frame for 41:32 at the halftime. Both teams nailed 21 points each in the third quarter for the same difference after three quarters. They posted 17-16 in the last stanza to seal the victory. Tibor Pleiss (215-C-89) brought the final five points in the game for the final result. Heiko Schaffartzik (183-PG-84) and Tibor Pleiss stepped up with 16 points each as the latter also grabbed 14 rebounds. Zirbes notched 12, whilst Staiger posted 10. Chavdar Kostov (195-SG-88, agency: Interperformances) netted 16, while Georgiev delivered 14 in defeat. Lilov scored 11 and Videnov finished the game with 10.

Azerbaijan - Sweden 82-76
Azerbaijan celebrated an important victory in 2013 EuroBasket Qualifying Round. They knocked down Sweden at home court to improve at 4-3 record in Group B. Sweden fell at 3-3 record after the loss. Orhan Haciyeva (200-PF-89) scored 28 points and grabbed 13 boards to lead the hosts. Azerbaijan pulled ahead early in the game. They posted a 25:19 lead after ten minutes. Sweden struck back in the second quarter. The Scandinavian team erased the deficit as Jonas Jerebko (206-PF-87) put them ahead 39:38. However Pashayev capped the half with a jumper and Azerbaijan claimed a 40:39 halftime lead. The teams went neck and neck throughout the third term. The lead changed hands for several times before Charles Davis sent the team into the fourth frame with the home side leading by two 60:58. Fuad Niftaliyev (185-PG-80) scored four points in a row 7:0 run from Azerbaijan that put them up by 10 points 76:66 midway through the final frame. Sweden never got closer than four points as Azerbaijan rallied to the victory. Fuad Niftaliyev accounted for 17 points, while Rasim Bashak added 13 points and 8 rebounds in the victory. Jonas Jerebko answered with 20 points for Sweden. Joakim Kjellbom had 19 points and 13 boards in the loss.

Group C
Austria - Hungary 97-81
Austria drubbed Hungary in Schwachat tonight. The victory allowed Austria to clinch the third position in Group C of EuroBasket Qualifying Round. Rasid Mahalbasic (208-C-90) posted 21 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists to lead the winners. Austria set the tone early in the game. They went on a 27:15 run in the opening quarter to clear off. Austria and Hungary exchanged baskets throughout the second frame. The hosts ensured a 12-point lead at halftime. Austria erupted for 26 points in the third term to gain a 13-point buffer before the fourth term. Austria did give Hungary a single chance cruising to the victory at the end. Jason Detrick (195-SF-80, college: Oklahoma) finished with 19 points, while Thomas Schreiner accounted for 20 points in the victory. Adam Hanga (200-SG-89, agency: TSS Management) answered with 20 points for Hungary. Miklos Szabo netted 16 points in the loss.

Croatia - Ukraine 84-80
Croatia wins Group C of the EuroBasket Qualification Round to take the spot in Eurobasket 2013. The Croatian side overcame Ukraine 84:80 as both teams advanced from the first two places to Slovenia. Ukraine needed a comfortable win to finish on top of the Group and started with 25-20 in the first period. Croatia meanwhile erupted with 28-10 in the second frame and took 48:35 at the halftime. Ukraine replied with 20-15 in the third period and reduced to 8 points after 30 minutes in the court. Steven Burtt (185-G-84, college: Iona) reduced to 82:77 after a three, while Simon made two free throws. Pecherov later scored another three for the final result. Luksa Andric (210-C-85, agency: Beo Basket) poured in 16 points to lead the winners and Bojan Bogdanovic (203-SG-89) scored 15. Saric delivered 12, while Ukic notched 10. Steven Burtt ended up with 22 points in the losing effort and Gladyr brought 14. Kravtsov scored 10 and Drozdov notched 9.

Group D
Holland - Latvia 81-86
Latvia post important victory over the Netherlands at the EuroBasket Qualification Round. The Baltic State tied Georgia with 4-2 record in Group D after an 86:81 victory. Latvia erupted with 33-17 in the first period and dominated the first quarter. They did not mind 16-17 in the second frame to lead 49:34 at the halftime. Netherlands however were too far to give up and posted two victories in the second half. They reduced to 12 points after three quarters and tried hard to catch up with the opponents. Jansen and Akerboom cut it to 77:82, while Smeulders reduced to just three points. Bertans meanwhile made two free throws for the final success. Kaspars Berzins (211-PF-85) stepped up with 21 points and Rihards Kuksiks (197-SF-88, college: Arizona St.) scored 18. Dairis Bertans posted 13, whilst Davis Bertans delivered 10. Henk Norel (214-C-87) replied with 24 points in the losing effort and Smeulders added 22. Akerboom brought 13 and Jansen had 8.

Georgia - Bosnia 103-107
Bosnia and Herzegovina grab important win in Tbilisi at the EuroBasket Qualification Round. The team improved to 5-2 record in Group D after 107:103 win over Georgia. It was an offensive game in the court. Bosnia and Herzegovina started with 20-16, but lost the first half. The Georgian side needed 27-20 for 43:40 at the halftime. Manuchar Markoishvili (196-SF-86) scored for 45:42 and Sanikidze Viktor scored three for 62:58. Pullen Jacob posted 4 in a row for 74:72 after three quarters. Bosnia and Herzegovina however erupted with 35-29 to seal the victory. Mirza Teletovic (206-F-85, agency: Beo Basket) stepped up with 25 points for the winners and Zack Wright (188-G-85, college: Central Mo.) nailed 23. Masic Ante scored 21, while Kikanovic Elmedin had 16. Manuchar Markoishvili top-scored for the hosts with 23 points and Pachulia Zaza collected 21 points and 11 rebounds. Shengelia Tornike notched 17, Pullen Jacob had 13 and Sanikidze Viktor added 12.

Group E
Switzerland - Belgium 82-73
Switzerland gained the third win in 2013 EuroBasket Qualifying Round. They toppled Belgium at home court to climb at 3-4 record in Group E. Belgium fell at 3-3 record in the third position in the ladder. Stefan Petkovic (185-PG-92) finished with 25 points for the hosts. Switzerland fired 26 points in the opening quarter to take a 5-point lead. The hosts maintained the lead throughout the second period. The Swiss side established a 45:37 halftime advantage. The teams traded baskets throughout the third quarter. The home side ensured an 8-point buffer heading into the fourth stanza. Belgium cut the deficit to 4 points midway through the final frame but Dusan Mladjan (198-SG-86, agency: Interperformances) and Stefan Petkovic sealed the victory for Switzerland at the end. Dusan Mladjan posted 19 points and 7 rebounds, while Oliver Vogt added 17 points for the winners. Christophe Beghin (207-F-80, agency: Court Side) answered with 20 points for Belgium. Beye Tabu-Eboma had 17 points in the loss.

Finland - Poland 91-96
Poland clinched the fifth win in 2013 EuroBasket Qualification. They knocked down Finland in Helsinki to improve at 5-2 record in Group E. Finland slipped at 5-1 record after the loss. Marcin Gortat (211-C-84) stepped up with 27 points and 21 rebounds for the winners. Finland stormed into the game. They fired 24 points to take an 8-point lead after the opening quarter. Poland picked up the tempo in the second frame. The visitors managed to narrow the gap at 7-point mark 43:50. Poland got even closer in the third term. They trimmed the gap at just three-point mark at the final break 69:72. Dardan Berisha, Przemyslaw Zamojski (194-SG-86, agency: Alti Sport, college: Independence CC) and Marcin Gortat drew things level at 75. Soon Kulig drained a triple to put Poland in front. Koszarek and Dardan Berisha gave Poland a 94:88 advantage with 13 seconds to go and Finland could not recover. Przemyslaw Zamojski finished with 16 points, while Dardan Berisha contributed 15 points for the winners. Gerald Lee (208-C-87, college: ODU) answered with 20 points for Finland. Petteri Koponen had 15 points in the loss.

Group F
Turkey - Italy 82-83
Italy kept their record spotless at 2013 EuroBasket Qualifying Round. They defeated Turkey on the road to improve at 7-0 record on top of Group F. Danilo Gallinari (205-SF-88, agency: Players Group) and Pietro Aradori (195-SG-88) scored 19 points each to lead the visitors. Turkey fell at 3-3 record and endangered their EuroBasket qualifying chances. Turkey enjoyed a 21:17 lead after ten minutes. They stretched the gap in the second frame. The hosts boosted the gap to as many as 13 points at halftime 44:31. But the Azzurri picked up the tempo in the second half. They fired 25 points to narrow the gap at 6-point mark. Turkey still led by six points with under four minutes remaining 69:75. But Italy went on a 7:2 rally to narrow the gap at a single-point mark 76:77. Ender Arslan (190-PG-83) drained a triple but Hackett answered with five points to narrow the margin to a single point again 81:82. Datome then nailed a jumper and Ender Arslan missed his attempt as Italy clinched the victory at the end. Andrea Cinciarini accounted for 17 points for Italy. Emir Preldzic (205-SF-87, agency: Beo Basket) and Ender Arslan answered with 12 points each for Turkey.

Czech Republic - Portugal 90-71
Czech Republic stepped closer to 2013 EuroBasket Qualification. They defeated Portugal to improve at 4-2 record in Group F. Czech Republic will now need to win or lose by less than 18 points against Turkey in the final round to seal the ticket to Slovenia. David Jelinek (194-SG-90) scored 25 points to pace the hosts. Portugal slipped at 0-6 record after the loss. Portugal bravely started the game. The visitors enjoyed a 24:21 lead after ten minutes. But Czech Republic turned things around in the second frame. They went on a 32:12 rally to gain a 53:36 halftime lead. Portugal narrowed the gap in the third term. They limited the hosts to just 13 points in the third period and got within 11 points at the final intermission. But Czech Republic fired 24 points in the fourth stanza and sealed a comfortable win at the end. Jakub Kudlacek (193-PG-90) posted 13 points, while Pavel Pumprla added 10 points for the winners. Joao Santos (204-F-79, college: Nevada) answered with 19 points for Portugal. Paulo Cunha had 12 points in the loss.   

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Jokic won't join Serbia in the Eurobasket - 18 days ago
Nikola Jokic(209-C-95, agency: BeoBasket) met with Serbian national team head coach Sasa Djordjevic and announced him that he won't participate in the EuroBasket. As Sporski Jurnal reported, the Denver Nuggets center told Djordjevic that he'll be unable to respond to the invitation for the European Championship tournament (August 31 to September 17) where Team Serbia is one of main title contenders. This decision mainly has to do with the Jokic's preference to dedicate his offseason to in...   [read more]

Nikola Jokic
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As expected, Nikola Jokic(209-C-95) will not play at 2017 EuroBasket. Although Denver Nuggets' executives said they have nothing against Jokic's participation with Serbian national team this summer, 22-year-old big guy decided to cancel on Sasa Djordjevic's call-up. After averaging 10.0 points and 7.0 rebounds in his rookie NBA season, Jokic improved his numbers to 16.7 points, 9.8 rebounds and 4.9 assists last season. He was part of Serbian silver-medal winning team at 2016 Rio Olympics....   [read more]

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European Championships Standings
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 1. Finland 0-0 
 2. France 0-0 
 3. Greece 0-0 
 4. Iceland 0-0 
 5. Poland 0-0 
 6. Slovenia 0-0 
Group B
 1. Georgia 0-0 
 2. Germany 0-0 
 3. Israel 0-0 
 4. Italy 0-0 
 5. Lithuania 0-0 
 6. Ukraine 0-0 
Group C
 1. Croatia 0-0 
 2. Czech Rep. 0-0 
 3. Spain 0-0 
 4. Hungary 0-0 
 5. Montenegro 0-0 
 6. Romania 0-0 
Group D
 1. Belgium 0-0 
 2. U.Kingdom 0-0 
 3. Latvia 0-0 
 4. Russia 0-0 
 5. Serbia 0-0 
 6. Turkey 0-0 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 28
 1. Stojanovski, Vojdan28.0 
 2. Veideman, Rain24.0 
 3. Hanga, Adam23.0 
 4. Gomes, Joao22.0 
 5. Dragic, Goran21.0 
 6. Vojvoda, David20.5 
 7. de Jong, Worthy19.5 
 8. Nurkic, Jusuf19.0 
 9. Lawrence, Andrew19.0 
 10. Hermannsson, Mart.17.5 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 15
 1. Nurkic, Jusuf15.0 
 2. Gomes, Joao10.5 
 3. Baeringsson, Hlynur9.5 
 4. Todorovic, Marko9.0 
 5. Karasev, Sergey9.0 
 6. Iarochevitch, Ioa.8.0 
 7. Shengelia, Tornike7.5 
 8. Tumba, Kevin7.0 
 9. Gordon, Ben7.0 
 10. Fesenko, Kyrylo7.0 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 8.5
 1. Dragic, Goran8.5 
 2. Lypovyy, Oleksandr7.5 
 3. Tsintsadze, Giorgi7.5 
 4. Gordon, Ben6.5 
 5. Mihailovic, Vladim.5.5 
 6. Vojvoda, David5.5 
 7. Travis, Romeo5.5 
 8. Vilhjalmsson, Hord.5.0 
 9. Tabu, Jonathan5.0 
 10. Velikov, Asen5.0 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 4
 1. Needham, Derek4.0 
 2. Dorbek, Martin3.5 
 3. Keller, Akos3.0 
 4. Baburin, Evgenii3.0 
 5. Hajrizi, Drilon3.0 
 6. Obasohan, Retin3.0 
 7. Broadus, Rashaun3.0 
 8. Tumba, Kevin2.5 
 9. Barroso, Tomas2.5 
 10. Kostov, Chavdar2.5 
Blocks Per Game
 Vyacheslav BOBROV
  Avg: 2
 1. Bobrov, Vyacheslav2.0 
 2. Kulagin, Dmitrii2.0 
 3. Panteli, Iakovos1.5 
 4. Zipser, Paul1.5 
 5. Benzing, Robin1.5 
 6. Palsson, Haukur1.5 
 7. Hajrizi, Drilon1.5 
 8. Bergstedt, Jonas1.5 
 9. Kitsing, Kristjan1.0 
 10. Mahalbasic, Rasid1.0 
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