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Finland Internationally
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Korisliiga Standings
 1. Helsinki Seagulls 4-1 
 2. Kouvot 4-1 
 3. BC Nokia 3-1 
 4. Salon Vilpas 3-3 
 5. Kataja Basket 2-1 
 6. Pyrinto 2-2 
 7. Kauhajoki 2-3 
 8. Lapua 1-2 
 9. Espoo United 1-3 
 10. Korihait 1-3 
 11. KTP Basket 1-4 
Full Standings
1st Standings
Division A
 1. TuNMKY 4-0 
 2. HBA-Marsky 3-0 
 3. ToPo 3-0 
 4. Ura Basket 2-0 
 5. FoKoPo 2-1 
 6. Jyvaskyla BA 1-2 
 7. Korikouvot 1-2 
 8. Porvoon Tarmo 1-2 
 9. Oulun NMKY 1-3 
 10. Pyrinto II 0-2 
 11. Jarvenpaa 0-3 
 12. Lahti 0-3 
Division B
 1. Bisons Loimaa 3-0 
 2. MuKi 3-0 
 3. Karkkila 2-0 
 4. HNMKY U23 2-1 
 5. JyWe 2-1 
 6. Huima 1-1 
 7. Raholan Pyrkiva 1-2 
 8. PeU-Basket 1-2 
 9. Espoo Basket 1-2 
 10. PuHu Juniorit 1-2 
 11. Aalto-Basket 0-3 
 12. HyPo 0-3 
Full Standings
Basketball Champions League Standings
Group A
 1 Monaco 2-0 
 2 Pinar Karsiyaka 2-0 
 3 Enisey 1-0 
 4 UCAM Murcia 1-0 
 5 Banco di Srd 0-1 
 6 EWE Baskets 0-1 
 7 Hapoel Holon 0-2 
 8 Juventus 0-2 
Group B
 1 Gaziantep 1-0 
 2 Neptunas 1-0 
 3 Ventspils 1-0 
 4 Iberostar Tener. 1-1 
 5 Chalon 1-1 
 6 Ludwigsburg 1-1 
 7 PAOK 0-1 
 8 Betaland Cdo 0-2 
Group C
 1 Bayreuth 1-0 
 2 Estudiantes 1-0 
 3 Strasbourg 1-0 
 4 AEK 1-1 
 5 Umana VE 1-1 
 6 Banvit BK 0-1 
 7 Olimpija 0-1 
 8 Rosa 0-1 
Group D
 1 Nanterre 1-0 
 2 Scandone AV 1-0 
 3 CEZ Nymburk 1-1 
 4 Besiktas 1-1 
 5 Stelmet 1-1 
 6 Aris 1-1 
 7 Oostende 1-1 
 8 Telekom Bsk 0-2 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Espoo U.
  Avg: 24.5
 1. Calhoun, Espoo U.24.5 
 2. Creek, Lapua22.7 
 3. Asbury, Pyrinto19.8 
 4. Saunders, Kataja B.18.0 
 5. Allen, Kauhajoki18.0 
 6. Sinclair, Kouvot17.4 
 7. Seppala, Kataja B.17.3 
 8. Pitts, Kataja B.17.0 
 9. Jones, Salon Vilpas16.8 
 10. Council, BC Nokia16.5 
Rebounds Per Game
 Thomas GIPSON
  Avg: 11.8
 1. Gipson, Kouvot11.8 
 2. Kaunisto, Kouvot10.6 
 3. Jones, Salon Vilpas9.7 
 4. Saunders, Kataja B.8.7 
 5. Simms, KTP Basket8.2 
 6. Kotti, Helsinki.8.2 
 7. Whitfield, Kauhajoki7.8 
 8. Pressley, Espoo U.7.7 
 9. Jennings, Lapua7.7 
 10. Pattillo, Korihait7.5 
Assists Per Game
  Salon V.
  Avg: 7.6
 1. Rannikko, Salon V.7.6 
 2. Pitts, Kataja B.6.3 
 3. Council, BC Nokia5.5 
 4. Woodhouse, Lapua5.0 
 5. Hirvonen, Kouvot5.0 
 6. Sarcevic, Kauhajoki4.8 
 7. Lehto, Pyrinto4.3 
 8. Seppala, Kataja B.4.3 
 9. Jackson, Helsinki.4.2 
 10. Lehtoranta, Kauha.3.8 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Sarcevic, Kauhajoki2.4 
 2. Saunders, Kataja B.2.3 
 3. Pattillo, Korihait2.3 
 4. Haanpaa, Espoo U.2.0 
 5. Asbury, Pyrinto1.8 
 6. Edwin, Kauhajoki1.8 
 7. Jennings, Lapua1.7 
 8. Kotti, Helsinki.1.6 
 9. Jarvi, Espoo United1.5 
 10. Gilbert, BC Nokia1.5 
Blocks Per Game
 Terrence JENNINGS
  Avg: 3.3
 1. Jennings, Lapua3.3 
 2. Deng, Korihait2.3 
 3. Pressley, Espoo U.2.0 
 4. Jones, Salon Vilpas1.7 
 5. Hammonds, BC Nokia1.3 
 6. Simms, KTP Basket1.2 
 7. Gilbert, BC Nokia1.0 
 8. Caven, Pyrinto0.8 
 9. Moten, Espoo U.0.8 
 10. Heinonen, Helsinki.0.8 

Next Round Schedule

Round 5 (Regular Season)

BC Nokia 51% Oct.18 Kouvot
Salon Vilpas 77% Oct.18 Espoo United
Lapua 73% Oct.18 Korihait
Helsinki Sea 64% Oct.18 Pyrinto
Next Round Schedule

Round 4 (Regular Season)

Group A
Jyvaskyla B 57% Oct.22 Korikouvot
ToPo 88% Oct.22 Oulun NMKY
FoKoPo 95% Oct.22 Jarvenpaa
Porvoon Tarm Oct.22 TuNMKY 88%
Ura Basket 52% Oct.19 HBA-Marsky
Pyrinto II 58% Oct.19 Lahti
Group B
MuKi 72% Oct.22 JyWe
HNMKY U23 82% Oct.22 PuHu Juniori
PeU-Basket Oct.22 Bisons Loima 90%
Espoo Bsk 50% Oct.22 Huima
Karkkila 83% Oct.22 Raholan Pyrk
Aalto-Bsk 57% Oct.21 HyPo
Next Round Schedule

Round 2 (Regular Season)

Group A
Banco di Srd 59% Oct.18 Telekom Bsk
Enisey 57% Oct.18 UCAM Murcia
Group B
Neptunas 57% Oct.18 Ventspils
PAOK Oct.18 Gaziantep 95%
Group C
Banvit BK 57% Oct.18 Olimpija
Bayreuth 57% Oct.18 Strasbourg
Estudian. 95% Oct.18 Rosa
Group D
Nanterre 57% Oct.18 Scandone AV All-Finnish 1st Division Awards 2013 - Apr 27, 2013

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| Follow Greg on  Facebook Twitter All-Finnish 1st Division 1st Team 2013
Vernon Taylor
Ronnie Clark
Eryk Thomas
Marcus Capers
Brian Moultrie

Player of the Year: Ronnie Clark (195-F/G-81) of Tapiolan Honka
Guard of the Year: Vernon Taylor (190-G-87) of Porvoon Tarmo
Forward of the Year: Ronnie Clark (195-F/G-81) of Tapiolan Honka
Center of the Year: Brian Moultrie (198-C/F-87) of BC Nokia
Import Player of the Year: Ronnie Clark (195-F/G-81) of Tapiolan Honka
Domestic Player of the Year: Joni Harjula (189-G-83) of Pyrinto II
Defensive Player of the Year: Jouko Jarvinen (188-G-87) of Tapiolan Honka
Coach of the Year: Pekka Salminen of Tapiolan Honka

1st Team
G: Vernon Taylor (190-G-87) of Porvoon Tarmo
G: Ronnie Clark (195-F/G-81) of Tapiolan Honka
F: Eryk Thomas (200-C/F-85) of SayRi
F: Marcus Capers (193-G-89) of ToPo
C: Brian Moultrie (198-C/F-87) of BC Nokia

2nd Team
G: Nolan Richardson (188-G-84) of Ura Basket
G: Malik Moore (192-G-77) of Tapiolan Honka
F: Andre Stephens (202-F-87) of Huima
F/C: Jerrah Young (203-F-85) of Porvoon Tarmo
F: HL Coleman (202-F-74) of ToPo

Honorable Mention
Jarkko Kyllonen (186-PG-87) of Porvoon Tarmo
Isaiah Tate (192-G-89) of Porvoon Tarmo
Jari Vanttaja (209-F/C-86) of Oulun NMKY
Tero Laitinen (201-F-87) of Tapiolan Honka
Tuomas Iisalo (195-SF-82) of Tapiolan Honka
Jarno Nissinen (195-F-77) of Porvoon Tarmo
Elias Kajander (196-F-80) of ToPo
DeAndre Mays (188-PG-87) of Huima
Josh Nofflet (194-G/F-88) of Oulun NMKY
DeAndre Coleman (201-F-86) of Bauru
Jari Vanttaja (209-F/C-86) of Oulun NMKY

All-Domestic Players Team
G: Jarkko Kyllonen (186-PG-87) of Porvoon Tarmo
G: Joni Harjula (189-G-83) of Pyrinto II
G: Timo Riihela (193-G-80) of BC Nokia
F: Elias Kajander (196-F-80) of ToPo
F: Jari Vanttaja (209-F/C-86) of Oulun NMKY

All-Imports Team
G: Ronnie Clark (195-F/G-81) of Tapiolan Honka
G: Vernon Taylor (190-G-87) of Porvoon Tarmo
F: Marcus Capers (193-G-89) of ToPo
F: Eryk Thomas (200-C/F-85) of SayRi
C: Brian Moultrie (198-C/F-87) of BC Nokia

Aaron Jones
Korisliiga Round 4: Joensuun Kataja lose to Salon Vilpas - 13 hours ago
Round 4 means everything may happen in Korisliiga as the season just started. Joensuun Kataja (2-1) recorded its first loss at the home court on Sunday night. Hosts were edged by sixth ranked Salon Vilpas (3-3) 84-81. It ended at the same time the two-game winning streak of Joensuun Kataja. The guests trailed by 3 points after three quarters before their 21-15 charge, which allowed them to win the game. They outrebounded Joensuun Kataja 49-27 including a 34-22 advantage in defensive reb...   [read more]

Salon Vilpas sign Johnathan Jordan - 1 day ago
Salon Vilpas Vikings (Korisliiga) signed 25-year old American point guard Johnathan Jordan (178-82kg-92, college: Texas A&M-CC). He played last season at Raptors 905 Missisauga (NBA G League) in the U.S. In 47 games he had 6.5ppg, 2.6rpg, 3.5apg and 1.0spg. He won D-League championship title. The previous (15-16) season Jordan played at another team Erie Bay Hawks in U.S. NBA-G-League where in 10 games he recorded 8.3ppg, 2.0rpg, 3.3apg and 1.1spg. A very impressive season as he was invit...   [read more]

Glenn Stokes
JyWe inks Glenn Stokes, ex Barreteros - 3 days ago
Jyvaskylan Weikot (1st Division) signed experienced 41-year old American point guard Glenn Stokes (170-76, college: American). He played most recently at Barreteros in Mexican LNBP, but left the team in Dec.'16. In 15 games he had 5.3ppg, 2.0rpg and 2.7apg last season. Stokes' team made it to the LNBP Semifinals. The list of the past achievements is quite long as among others he was voted Mexican LNBP All-Imports Team in 2015. Stokes is quite experienced player. He has pla...   [read more]

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