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Holland Internationally
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Eredivisie Standings
 1. Amsterdam 0-0 
 2. Den Bosch 0-0 
 3. Den Helder 0-0 
 4. Groningen 0-0 
 5. Leeuwarden 0-0 
 6. Leiden 0-0 
 7. Rotterdam 0-0 
 8. Weert 0-0 
 9. Zwolle 0-0 
Prom.Divisie Standings
 1. Grasshoppers 1-0 
 2. Groningen 1-0 
 3. Leiden 2 1-0 
 4. Lokomotief 1-0 
 5. Racing Beverwijk 1-0 
 6. UBALL 1-0 
 7. Akrides 0-0 
 8. CobraNova 0-1 
 9. De Groene 0-1 
 10. Harlemlakers 0-1 
 11. Lions 0-1 
 12. Punch 0-1 
 13. Red Giants 0-1 
Full Standings
3 Standings
 1 AEK 0-0 
 2 Balkan 0-0 
 3 Beroe 0-0 
 4 BK Pardubice 0-0 
 5 Bnei Hertzeliyya 0-0 
 6 Boras 0-0 
 7 CSU Sibiu 0-0 
 8 Demir IBB 0-0 
 9 Dnipro 0-0 
 10 Falco KC 0-0 
 11 FC Porto 0-0 
 12 Istanbul BBSK 0-0 
 13 Khimik 0-0 
 14 Kormend 0-0 
 15 KR 0-0 
 16 Le Portel 0-0 
 17 Mons-Hainaut 0-0 
 18 Nevezis 0-0 
 19 Oradea 0-0 
 20 Parma 0-0 
 21 Rabotnicki 0-0 
 22 Rilski 0-0 
 23 Sodertalje 0-0 
 24 Spirou 0-0 
 25 Stal Ostrow 0-0 
 26 Steaua CSM 0-0 
 27 Szolnok 0-0 
 28 Tartu Ulikool 0-0 
 29 Trabzonspor 0-0 
 30 Wuerzburg 0-0 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 20.7
 1. Anderson, Rotte.20.7 
 2. Gregory, Leeuw.18.5 
 3. Marshall, Rotte.17.8 
 4. Vette, Zwolle17.6 
 5. Van-D., Amsterdam15.9 
 6. Bell, Rotterdam15.6 
 7. Tiller, Zwolle15.0 
 8. Fieler, Groningen15.0 
 9. Draper, Leiden14.7 
 10. Watts, Den Bosch14.0 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 11.6
 1. Osaikhwuwuom., Leeuward.11.6 
 2. Mitchell, Den Bosch10.3 
 3. Koenis, Leiden9.8 
 4. Vette, Zwolle8.6 
 5. Wessels, Den Bosch7.8 
 6. Oudendag, Zwolle7.8 
 7. Fieler, Groningen7.5 
 8. Marshall, Rotte.7.2 
 9. Van-Schaik, Amste.7.0 
 10. Koon, Leeuwarden6.6 
Assists Per Game
 Lance JETER
  Avg: 6
 1. Jeter, Groningen6.0 
 2. Anderson, Rotte.5.3 
 3. Roye, Amsterdam5.0 
 4. Jansen, Leiden4.7 
 5. Lee, Leiden4.2 
 6. Tiller, Zwolle4.2 
 7. Van-Oostrum, Zwo.4.1 
 8. McWhorter, Den B.4.0 
 9. Marshall, Leeuw.3.6 
 10. Gregory, Leeuw.3.3 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Anderson, Rotte.2.6 
 2. Bouwknecht, Den B.2.2 
 3. Tiller, Zwolle2.1 
 4. Marshall, Rotte.1.8 
 5. Kherrazi, Leiden1.8 
 6. Lee, Leiden1.7 
 7. Pauline, Weert1.7 
 8. Jeter, Groningen1.6 
 9. Wessels, Den Bosch1.6 
 10. Cunningham, Groni.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.4
 1. Fieler, Groningen1.4 
 2. Smith, Groningen1.3 
 3. Koenis, Leiden1.1 
 4. Draper, Leiden1.0 
 5. Van-Schaik, Amste.0.9 
 6. Enobakhare, Leiden0.9 
 7. Marshall, Rotte.0.9 
 8. Mays, Rotterdam0.8 
 9. Aarts, Den Bosch0.7 
 10. Oudendag, Zwolle0.7 

First Round Schedule
Weert 56% Oct.8 Leeuwarden
Leiden 56% Oct.7 Groningen
Rotterdam 53% Oct.7 Amsterdam
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Next Round Schedule

Round 2 (Regular Season)

De Groene 57% Sep.23 UBALL
Harlemlakers 56% Sep.23 CobraNova
Lions 56% Sep.23 Groningen
Lokomotief 98% Sep.23 Akrides
Punch Sep.23 Racing Bever 98%
Grasshoppers 59% Sep.23 Red Giants
Next Round Schedule

Round 2 (Qualifying Round)

BM Slam Sta 57% Sep.28 Bnei Hertzel
Rilski 57% Sep.27 Nevezis
Rabotnicki 57% Sep.27 Parma
Oradea 57% Sep.27 Balkan
Trabzonspor 57% Sep.27 Szolnok
Dnipro 57% Sep.27 Demir IBB
BK Pardubice 57% Sep.27 CSU Sibiu
Mons-Hainaut 57% Sep.26 KR
Kormend 57% Sep.26 Boras
Istanbul BB 57% Sep.26 Wuerzburg
Eredivisie Round 3 of Quarter-Finals. Semifinalists are set - Apr 23, 2013

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Leeuwarden - Zwolle 68-67

Leeuwarden held off Zwolle in a close contest to sneak into the next stage. The hosts trailed by 4 points after three quarters before their 17-12 charge, which allowed them to win the game. Leeuwarden outrebounded Zwolle 39-28 including 27 on the defensive glass. The game was dominated by American players. The best player for the winners was forward Jerrell Williams (203-88, college: La Salle) who had a double-double by scoring 14 points and 16 rebounds. Forward Samme Givens (195, college: Drexel) chipped in a double-double by scoring 18 points and 10 rebounds. Four Leeuwarden players scored in double figures. At the other side the best for losing team was guard Tanner Smith (195-90, college: Clemson) who recorded 20 points and 5 rebounds and forward Darryl Webb (198-88, college: Indiana, PA, agency: Pro One Sports) added 8 points and 11 rebounds respectively.
Top scorers:
Leeuwarden: S.Givens 18+10reb+2ast, J.Williams 14+16reb+3ast, R.Holcomb Faye 11+4reb+6ast, V.Lietmeijer 10+1reb, D.Michaels 9+2reb+2ast, D.Hope 3
Zwolle: T.Smith 20+5reb+3ast, Z.Novak 17+2reb+2ast, N.Hulzebos 12+5reb+1ast, D.Webb 8+11reb+3ast, J.Magette 8+4reb+6ast, L.Williams 2+1reb
gschID: 239574

Groningen - Den Helder K. 81-50

Groningen dominated Den Helder K. at home court to reach the semis. The game was mostly controlled by Groningen. Den Helder K. managed to win second period 20-17. But it was not enough to take a lead and get a victory that evening. They dominated on the defensive end, holding Den Helder K. to just 5 points in first quarter. Groningen dominated down low during the game scoring 50 of its points in the paint compared to Den Helder K.'s 22. Groningen forced 19 Den Helder K. turnovers. They looked well-organized offensively handing out 22 assists comparing to just 8 passes made by Den Helder K.'s players. Worth to mention a quality performance of the former international guard Rogier Jansen (188-84, agency: Court Side) who helped to win the game recording 19 points. American forward Jamal Boykin (203-87, college: California) helped adding 10 points and 13 rebounds. The best for the losing side was the former international center Jeroen van der List (213-89, college: Indian Hills CC, agency: Court Side) with 12 points and 8 rebounds and naturalized American guard Phillip Bach (193, college: Santa Clara, agency: Court Side) scored 9 points and 6 rebounds. The winner was already known earlier in the game, so both coaches allowed to play the bench players saving starting five for next games.
Top scorers:
Groningen: R.Jansen 19+3reb+2ast, T.Koenis 16+6reb+1ast, J.Boykin 10+13reb+1ast, J.Voorn 8+2reb+3ast, N.Rohnert 8+2reb+5ast, J.Dourisseau 6+4reb+5ast
Den Helder K.: J.van der List 12+8reb, P.Bach 9+6reb+2ast, M.Hill 8+4reb+3ast, S.Warren 8+6reb, O.Krubally 6+2reb, M.Van Schaik 3+2reb
gschID: 239576

Leiden - M.Magixx 88-64

Leiden cruised past M.Magixx to enter the semifinal stage. The game without a history. Leiden led from the first minutes and controlled entire game increasing their lead in each quarter. They made 18-of-20 free shots (90.0 percent) during the game. Leiden forced 19 M.Magixx turnovers. It was a great evening for international Worthy de Jong (194-88, agency: R.H.Consultancy) who led his team to a victory scoring 17 points and 8 rebounds. American forward Michael Schachtner (203-86, college: Green Bay) helped adding 18 points and 6 rebounds. Four Leiden players scored in double figures. Leiden's coach Toon Van Helfteren felt very confident that he used 11 players and allowed the starting five to rest. The best for the losing side was Indian-Canadian forward Robbie Sihota (198-87) with a double-double by scoring 11 points and 10 rebounds and Canadian forward Henry Bekkering (198-85, college: E.Washington) scored 14 points.
Top scorers:
Leiden: M.Schachtner 18+6reb+2ast, Jong 17+8reb+2ast, S.Cunningham 12+3reb+1ast, R.Bekkering 10+8reb+1ast, A.Young 9+1reb+4ast, W.Breel 6+3reb
M.Magixx: H.Bekkering 14+3reb+1ast, R.Sihota 11+10reb+1ast, N.Oudendag 10+4reb, T.Vermeulen 9+2reb+2ast, K.Ahelegbe 9+1reb+3ast, R.Nardi 5+1reb+3ast
gschID: 239575

Den Bosch - Weert 82-62

Den Bosch defeated Weert to sweep the series. It looked good early as Weert took an 1-point lead at the end of first quarter. But then Den Bosch had a 24-17 second period charge getting the lead and Weert was not able to take back game control losing it eventually 62-82. Den Bosch forced 20 Weert turnovers. The game was also dominated by American players. It was a good game for guard Andre Young (175-90, college: Clemson) who led his team to a victory with 17 points and 4 steals. Guard Dejuan Wright (190-88, college: FIU, agency: Court Side) contributed with 14 points and 5 rebounds for the winners. Center Antwan Carter (198, college: Longwood, agency: Court Side) answered with 23 points and 9 rebounds and guard Bryquis Perine (190-88, college: Green Bay, agency: Court Side) added 13 points in the effort for Weert. Both coaches used bench players which allowed the starters a little rest for the next games.
Top scorers:
Den Bosch: A.Young 17+4reb+1ast, K.Akerboom 14, D.Wright 14+5reb+1ast, M.Bauscher 9+4reb+3ast, W.Carter 9+9reb+2ast, M.Schilder 8+1reb
Weert: A.Carter 23+9reb+2ast, B.Perine 13+3reb, R.Fletcher 10+1reb, S.De Haas 6+2reb+1ast, G.Robinson 5+1reb, S.Besseling 5+4reb+5ast
gschID: 239573

Prom.Divisie Round 1: CobraNova loses to Grasshoppers - 18 hours ago
The Regular Season in Prom.Divisie just started. The most crucial game of the last round was a loss of CobraNova (0-1) in Leidschendam on Saturday night. Hosts were defeated by Grasshoppers (1-0) 91-80. Grasshoppers is looking forward to face Red Giants (#13) in Meppel in the next round which should be an easy win for them. CobraNova will play against Harlemlakers (#10) and it may be a tough game between close rivals. Another exciting game was played in Meppel between Lokomotief and Re...   [read more]

Charles Mitchell (ex Den Bosch) agreed terms with Prostejov - 2 days ago
BK Olomoucko Prostejov (NBL) strengthened their roster with addition of American forward Charles Mitchell (203-122kg, college: Georgia Tech). He played most recently at New Heroes Basketball Den Bosch in Dutch Eredivisie. In 26 games he recorded 12.5ppg, 10.3rpg (#2 in the league) and 1.6apg last season. Mitchell helped them to make it to the semifinals. Great season indeed as he was awarded All-Dutch Eredivisie Center of the Year and voted to 1st Team and voted to All-Impo...   [read more]

Leiden beat Basketball Academie Limburg - 3 days ago
ZZ Leiden - Basketball Academie Limburg 67:62 ZZ Leiden overcame BA Limburg in the pre-season Contern tournament. Carrington Love (186-G-94, college: Green Bay) nailed 21 points to pace the Dutch team. Leiden accumulated a 21:16 lead after the opening frame. The Dutch side posted a 46:35 halftime lead. The gap grew at 14-point mark at the final break. BA Limburg cut the deficit in the fourth stanza but could not avoid the loss. Mohamed Kherrazi (200-F-90) netted 16 points, while Jessey...   [read more]

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