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LKL Standings
 1. Zalgiris 33-3 
 2. Lietuvos rytas 26-10 
 3. Lietkabelis 25-11 
 4. Neptunas 21-15 
 5. Juventus 19-17 
 6. Vytautas 18-18 
 7. P.Zvaigzdes 15-21 
 8. Dzukija 10-26 
 9. Nevezis 7-29 
 10. Siauliai 6-30 
Full Standings
NKL Standings
Places 1-7
 1. Suduva-Mantinga 30-8 
 2. Nafta-Uni. 25-13 
 3. Telsiai 23-15 
 4. Rasai 23-15 
 5. Perlas-MRU 21-17 
 6. Vytis 20-18 
 7. Silute 19-19 
Places 8-14
 1. Zalgiris II 23-15 
 2. Palanga 19-19 
 3. Mazeikiai 15-23 
 4. Delikatesas 15-23 
 5. KTU 13-25 
 6. Ezerunas-Karys 12-26 
 7. Petrochema 8-30 
Stage One Standings
RKL Standings
 1. Gargzdu 26-4 
 2. Taurages 23-7 
 3. Olimpas Ukm. 20-10 
 4. Omega-United 19-11 
 5. Olimpas Plunge 19-11 
 6. Vilniaus VKC 19-11 
 7. Klaipedos LCC 19-11 
 8. LSU-Atletas 15-15 
 9. Kretinga 14-16 
 10. Bangene 13-17 
 11. VDU Kauno 13-17 
 12. Akmenes 11-19 
 13. Grafu baldai 8-22 
 14. Suduva 2 8-22 
 15. Birzai 7-23 
 16. Neptunas-2 6-24 
Lower leagues Standings
 1. Sporto Manija 13-1 
 2. Kauno kolegija 12-2 
 3. UNITED 9-5 
 4. VDU-2 7-7 
 5. Basement 6-8 
 6. 4-10 
 7. SK Minbra 4-10 
 8. Perkunas-Vytrita 1-13 
 1. Kelme 13-2 
 2. Artiliux NMF 10-5 
 3. KA Saule 9-6 
 4. Solo-Eurogym 7-8 
 5. Zvalguva 6-9 
 6. A.Sireikos KA 0-15 
 1. SK Ferimsta 18-6 
 2. Tegra 16-8 
 3. VGTU 16-8 
 4. Oro navigacija 14-9 
 5. MRU 14-10 
 6. LEU-Sviesa 12-12 
 7. Sadolin 12-12 
 8. Stekas 12-12 
 9. Legionas 10-13 
 10. Volfas Engelman 10-14 
 11. VU 9-13 
 12. Zaibas 8-14 
 13. Vilniaus kolegija 2-22 
Euroleague Standings
 1 Real Madrid 23-7 
 2 CSKA 22-8 
 3 Olympiacos 19-11 
 4 Panathinaikos 19-11 
 5 Fenerbahce 18-12 
 6 Anadolu Efes 17-13 
 7 Baskonia 17-13 
 8 Darussafaka 16-14 
 9 Crvena Zvezda 16-14 
 10 Zalgiris 14-16 
 11 FC Barcelona 12-18 
 12 Galatasaray 11-19 
 13 Brose Bask. 10-20 
 14 Maccabi T-A 10-20 
 15 EA7 Armani 8-22 
 16 Unics 8-22 
Eurocup Standings
Group E
 1 Lokomotiv 5-1 
 2 Gran Canaria 4-2 
 3 Fuenlabrada 2-4 
 4 UCAM Murcia 1-5 
Group F
 1 B.Muenchen 6-0 
 2 Khimky 4-2 
 3 Lietkabelis 2-4 
 4 Ratiopharm 0-6 
Group G
 1 Hapoel J-M 5-1 
 2 Zenit 3-3 
 3 Lietuvos rytas 3-3 
 4 N.Novgorod 1-5 
Group H
 1 Valencia 6-0 
 2 Unicaja 3-3 
 3 Cedevita 2-4 
 4 ALBA 1-5 
Stage One Standings
FIBA Europe Cup Stage Two Standings
Group K
 1. Chalon 5-1 
 2. Gaziantep 5-1 
 3. Sodertalje 1-5 
 4. Targu Mures 1-5 
Group L
 1. Demir IBB 5-1 
 2. Antwerp 4-2 
 3. Gravelines 2-4 
 4. Prievidza 1-5 
Group M
 1. Telekom Bsk 5-1 
 2. Vytautas 4-2 
 3. Oberwart 2-4 
 4. Apoel 1-5 
Group N
 1. Kormend 4-2 
 2. Nanterre 4-2 
 3. Tsmoki-Minsk 3-3 
 4. Bnei Hertzeliyya 1-5 
Group O
 1. Pau-Lacq-Orthez 4-2 
 2. Alba 4-2 
 3. UBT Cluj Napoca 2-4 
 4. BK Pardubice 2-4 
Group P
 1. Groningen 4-2 
 2. Lukoil Acad. 3-3 
 3. Enisey 0-0 
 4. Benfica 0-6 
Group Q
 1. Cibona 0-0 
 2. Ironi Nahariya 0-0 
 3. Kataja Basket 0-0 
 4. Oostende 0-0 
 5. Oradea 0-0 
 6. Spirou 0-0 
 7. Stelmet ZG 0-0 
 8. Usak 0-0 
Stage One Standings
Baltic League Standings
Group A
 1. Barons Riga 10-2 
 2. Nevezis 8-4 
 3. Rapla 8-4 
 4. Jurmala 6-6 
 5. Liepaja/Triobet 5-7 
 6. Parnu 3-9 
 7. Barsy Atyrau 2-10 
Group B
 1. P.Zvaigzdes 11-1 
 2. Valmiera 9-3 
 3. Jekabpils 8-4 
 4. BK Ogre 6-6 
 5. TTU 5-7 
 6. Tarvas 3-9 
 7. COR-Borisfen 0-12 
Group Q
 1. Kalev/Cramo 0-0 
 2. Tartu Ulikool 0-0 
 3. TLU/Kalev 0-0 
 4. Vytautas 0-0 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 David LOGAN
  Avg: 15.6
 1. Logan, Lietuvos.15.6 
 2. Baron, Lietuvos.14.1 
 3. Delininkaiti., Vytau.13.8 
 4. Lavrinovic, Lietkabe.13.4 
 5. Diggs, Juventus13.3 
 6. Zabas, P.Zvaigzdes13.2 
 7. Sulskis, Juventus12.9 
 8. Low, P.Zvaigzdes12.7 
 9. Olisevicius, P.Zvaigz.12.3 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 8.1
 1. Kazakauskas, Dzuki.8.1 
 2. Guscikas, Dzukija7.8 
 3. Gordon, Lietuvos.7.7 
 4. Cepukaitis, Juven.6.6 
 5. Gudaitis, Lietuvos.6.4 
 6. Smiljanic, Nevezis5.9 
 7. Echodas, Siauliai5.9 
 8. Grant, Neptunas5.7 
 9. Kacinas, Neptunas5.4 
 10. Lekunas, Siauliai5.4 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 7
 1. Prostran, Nevezis7.0 
 2. Low, P.Zvaigzdes6.4 
 3. Sabeckis, Siauliai5.9 
 4. Drew II, Neptunas5.6 
 5. Diggs, Juventus5.2 
 6. Williams, Lietkabelis4.4 
 7. Pangos, Zalgiris4.1 
 8. Hernandez, Dzukija4.1 
 9. Ewing, Neptunas3.9 
 10. Lekavicius, Zalgiris3.9 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Sabeckis, Siauliai1.7 
 2. Lukauskis, Lietkabe.1.6 
 3. Lipkevicius, Vytautas1.5 
 4. Diggs, Juventus1.5 
 5. Love-Roberts, Nevez.1.5 
 6. Low, P.Zvaigzdes1.4 
 7. Giedraitis, Lietuvos.1.4 
 8. Zabas, P.Zvaigzdes1.4 
 9. Williams, Lietkabelis1.4 
 10. Kazakauskas, Dzuki.1.3 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.3
 1. Agafonov, P.Zvaigz.1.3 
 2. Galdikas, Juventus1.3 
 3. Gudaitis, Lietuvos.1.2 
 4. Balashov, P.Zvaigz.1.0 
 5. Lima, Zalgiris0.9 
 6. Cepukaitis, Juven.0.9 
 7. Guscikas, Dzukija0.8 
 8. Kulvietis, Vytautas0.8 
 9. Lavrinovic, Lietkabe.0.8 
 10. Skucas, Lietkabelis0.7 
Lithuanian men teams in Euro cups 2016-2017
 FIBA Europe Cup:
 Baltic League:
 Bb Cham.League:

Next Round Schedule

Game 1 (Quarter-Finals)

Lietuvos ryt 82% Apr.30 P.Zvaigzdes
Lietkabelis 64% Apr.30 Vytautas
Zalgiris 91% Apr.29 Dzukija
Neptunas 62% Apr.29 Juventus
Next Round Schedule

Game 4 (Quarter-Finals)

Darussafaka Apr.28 Real Madrid 55%
Anadolu Efes 67% Apr.28 Olympiacos
Catching up with Dwight Burke - Apr 11, 2013

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Dwight Burke
Dwight Burke (202-C/F-86, college: Marquette) is currently helping BC Siauliai close out the Lithuanian LKL regular season on a high note as the playoffs approach. Currently 11-8 with one game left after Monday nights 92-81 setback versus Lietuvos rytas, Siauliai is tied with Juventus and Pieno zvaigzdes with 58 points.
The already well-traveled Burke, 26, began this season with BK 04 AC LB Spisska Nova Ves in Slovakia where he posted career highs in scoring, rebounds and steals prior to an issue with his Visa forcing him to move to BC Siauliai.
The former Marquette University forward out of Brooklyn, New York has already played professionally in Uruguay, Czech Republic, France and Austria prior to this season and continues to improve and round out his game as a 6-8 forward.

Q. Monday was your best game as a member of Siauliai, playing 22 minutes while scoring 12 points and grabbing five rebounds. Are you now fully comfortable with your new team and situation?

A. I am feeling more comfortable. It took a while, longer than I was hoping for, but going into a new team and situation there is always an adjustment period. I feel like its harder sometimes for a forward to do so sometimes because different teams have different styles of play for their front line players. Some like them to be more involved and versatile, some like just pick and roll guys. So I had to find my place within the team and still am to a certain degree, but Monday night the game just came to me and I went out and just tried to make an impact. It worked out for me personally, but we didnt get the win, so it tainted my performance somewhat.

Q. Lietuvos rytas is a perennial powerhouse not only in Lithuania, but also in Euro competitions. What was the atmosphere like playing against them and how would you compare it to some of the other top teams you have faced in your career?

A. Rytas has a very good club and very good players. They were playing in Euroleague this year so that alone says a lot. I get a little more excited about games like that because since leaving college in 2009 I cant say Ive always faced top competition. The only other team I can think of that compares is Nymburk (when I played in Czech Republic). So its a good chance to measure my level of personal growth within competition. Also I aspire to play for clubs participating at the highest level in Europe so if I can make a good impact when I step on the court in those games then I feel like Im taking steps in the right direction.

Q. After having to leave Nova Ves, what was the main factor in agreeing to terms with Siauliai?

A. When it became clear that I was going to leave Nova Ves, I struggled with deciding what to do with the rest of my season. I was having a great season and looking forward to finishing it out making a nice run in the playoffs and maybe even winning the championship. So naturally I considered just going back to the U.S. and weighing my options for next season. Then my agent contacted me about the offer in Siauliai. After looking at their reputation and seeing an opportunity to play on a higher level it was really an easy decision for me.

Q. The team is still battling for playoff positioning and it comes down to the last game of the regular season. What is the feeling among your team about what needs to be done to succeed in the playoffs? What about your personal pressure or feelings?

A. Thats correct; right now we are fighting for seeding. That will come down to Fridays game and determine where we will be, and who we will play. We want to finish the season strong and gain the best possible seed. I personally dont feel any pressure because its still basketball and I love to do it. I was not expecting to be in this position, for this club at the beginning of my season, so I just want to continue to get better and compete at a high level. I leave the rest up to God and let the chips fall where they may.

Q. Regardless of how the team fares in the playoffs, how will you look back on this season for yourself? What new things did you learn about your game as well as the business of overseas basketball?

A. As with every season, there are ups and downs. My goal this season was to complete a whole season with one club and try to dominate enough to rebuild my resume after having a sub-par season prior to this one. I bounced around to three different teams out of necessity and wanted to get back to being myself as a player. I grew a lot as a player in Spisska. I felt my skill level increased and my ability to lead a team and make an impact. I cant neglect the influence that playing alongside my college teammate Maurice Acker (178-PG-87, college: Marquette) had on me. We both want to see each other succeed and pushed ourselves to be better. Unfortunately the situation in Spisska Nova Ves didnt pan out the way I would like, but Im very blessed and appreciative of the opportunity to finish the season playing for a Siauliai. I hope it will open up great opportunities to advance my career in the future.   

LKL Round 36: Leader Zalgiris get another victory - 2 hours ago
The Regular Season in LKL just ended. Leader Zalgiris delivered the 33th win on Wednesday night. This time they beat 5th ranked Juventus (19-17) 90-76 in Kaunas. It ended at the same time the two-game winning streak of Juventus. The hosts trailed by 2 points at the halftime before their 57-41 charge in the second half, which allowed them to win the game. Zalgiris dominated down low during the game scoring 50 of its points in the paint compared to Juventus' 30. Zalgiris forced 19 Juventu...   [read more]

Taurages are RKL Champions - 18 hours ago
Taurages are RKL Champions in Lithuania. They won the Final series against Omega 3-2. In the decisive 5th game Taurages posted a 75-55 victory as they exploded with a 31-9 surge in the third period. Tautvydas Zioba (200-PF-92) top-scored for the winners with 17 points and Aivaras Kvedaravicius (185-PG-88) posted 16. Robertas Bitinas (184-PG-84) ended up with 13 points in a loss, whilst Vaidas Bendikas(191-SG-88) notched 11.   [read more]

Lithuanian LKL round 35 best performance: Arturas Valeika - 2 days ago
Forward Arturas Valeika (207-F-85) had a very impressive game in the last round for Vytautas, receiving a Player of the Week award for round 35. The 31-year old player was the main contributor (22 points, six rebounds and eight assists) to his team's victory, helping them to beat Siauliai (#10, 6-29) 100-94. Vytautas maintains the 6th position in Lithuanian LKL. Vytautas is a typical solid league team placed somewhere in the middle or a little bit lower in the standings. Th...   [read more]

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