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United-Kingdom Internationally
BBL Standings
 1. Bristol AF 0-0 
 2. Cheshire P. 0-0 
 3. Glasgow Rocks 0-0 
 4. Leeds Force 0-0 
 5. Leicester R. 0-0 
 6. London Lions 0-0 
 7. Manchester G. 0-0 
 8. Newcastle E. 0-0 
 9. Plymouth R. 0-0 
 10. Sheffield S. 0-0 
 11. Surrey S. 0-0 
 12. Worcester W. 0-0 
NBL D1 Standings
 1. Bradford D. 0-0 
 2. Derby T. 0-0 
 3. Hemel Storm 0-0 
 4. Kent C. 0-0 
 5. Lancashire S 0-0 
 6. Leicester W. 0-0 
 7. London Lituanica 0-0 
 8. Loughborough 0-0 
 9. Manchester M. 0-0 
 10. Northumbria 0-0 
 11. Reading R. 0-0 
 12. Solent K. 0-0 
 13. Team Newcastle U. 0-0 
 14. Worthing T. 0-0 
NBL D2 Standings
 1. Birmingham E. 0-0 
 2. Derbyshire A. 0-0 
 3. Essex L. 0-0 
 4. Ipswich T. 0-0 
 5. Liverpool 0-0 
 6. London GP 0-0 
 7. London W. 0-0 
 8. Middlesex LTBC 0-0 
 9. Nottingham H. 0-0 
 10. Sussex B. 0-0 
 11. Thames Valley C. 0-0 
 12. Westminster W. 0-0 
NBL D3 Standings
 1. Birmingham M. 0-0 
 2. Chester 0-0 
 3. Coventry T. 0-0 
 4. Danum E. 0-0 
 5. Loughborough 2 0-0 
 6. Manchester G. 2 0-0 
 7. Myerscough 0-0 
 8. Sheffield S. 2 0-0 
 9. Stoke-on-Trent K. 0-0 
 10. Sunderland 0-0 
 11. Wolverhampton 0-0 
 12. Worcester W.2 0-0 
 1. Cardiff City 0-0 
 2. Cardiff MA 0-0 
 3. East London 0-0 
 4. Essex B. 0-0 
 5. Greenwich T. 0-0 
 6. London Pride 0-0 
 7. Northants T. 0-0 
 8. Oxford 0-0 
 9. Solent II 0-0 
 10. Swindon 0-0 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 21
 1. DiNunno, Cheshire.21.0 
 2. Fletcher, Newcastl.20.8 
 3. Sanders, Leeds F.19.3 
 4. Dixon, Plymouth R.18.9 
 5. Hassan, London L.18.6 
 6. Brown, Cheshire P.18.3 
 7. Grady, Plymouth R.18.2 
 8. Walker, Worceste.18.0 
 9. Parks, Newcastl.17.5 
 10. Cosby, Bristol AF17.1 
Rebounds Per Game
 Maurice WALKER
  Avg: 9.5
 1. Walker, Worceste.9.5 
 2. Wroblicky, Sheffiel.8.8 
 3. Hassan, London L.8.5 
 4. Marsden, Leeds F.8.3 
 5. Brown, Cheshire P.8.1 
 6. Williams, Surrey S.8.0 
 7. Achara, Glasgow .7.9 
 8. King, Leicester R.7.8 
 9. Rollins, Surrey S.7.7 
 10. Grady, Plymouth R.7.7 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.7
 1. Fletcher, Newcastl.6.7 
 2. Taylor, London L.6.2 
 3. Klassen, Worceste.6.2 
 4. Wilcher, Cheshire P.6.0 
 5. Clark, Leicester R.5.8 
 6. Davis, Sheffield S.5.6 
 7. Ali, Bristol AF5.6 
 8. Carter, Plymouth.5.3 
 9. DiNunno, Cheshire.5.2 
 10. Sandoval, Leeds F.4.9 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.9
 1. DiNunno, Cheshire.2.9 
 2. Taylor, London L.2.1 
 3. Ali, Bristol AF2.1 
 4. Nicholas, Plymouth R.2.1 
 5. Carter, Plymouth.2.1 
 6. Sandoval, Leeds F.1.9 
 7. Neighbour, Surrey S.1.9 
 8. Anderson, Cheshire.1.9 
 9. Bernardini, Leiceste.1.8 
 10. Kennedy, Worceste.1.6 
Blocks Per Game
 Kieron ACHARA
  Glasgow .
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Achara, Glasgow .1.8 
 2. May-Thompson, Cheshire.1.5 
 3. Webster, Manchest.1.4 
 4. Martin, Newcastl.1.1 
 5. Allen-Jordan, Cheshire.0.9 
 6. Grady, Plymouth R.0.9 
 7. Thomas, Glasgow .0.9 
 8. Smith, Bristol AF0.9 
 9. Dixon, Plymouth R.0.9 
 10. Brown, Cheshire P.0.8 

First Round Schedule
London Lions 58% Oct.1 Surrey S.
Glasgow Rock 60% Oct.1 Sheffield S
Bristol AF 61% Sep.30 Plymouth R.
Leeds Force 59% Sep.29 Newcastle E
Manchester G 56% Sep.29 Leicester R
Sheffield S 57% Sep.29 Surrey S.
Worcester W 55% Sep.29 London Lions
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First Round Schedule
Team Newcast 57% Oct.8 Reading R.
Northumbria 58% Oct.8 Solent K.
Worthing T. 55% Oct.7 Leicester W
Manchester M 55% Oct.7 Kent C.
Hemel Storm 59% Oct.7 London Litua
Bradford D. 61% Oct.7 Loughborough
Derby T. 59% Oct.7 Lancashire S
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Lynard Stewart - A BBL Legend - Apr 10, 2013

E-mail Jeff:
Jeff's Articles

Lynard Stewart (202-F-74, college: Temple), BBL MVP in season 2007/08, 4th overall all-time in block shots with 358 blocks in 272 games and 13th overall all-time in rebounds with 2221 first came to the UK to play for Sheffield in 2001 spending 3 seasons with the Sharks before moving to London Towers in 2004.

At Towers he played two seasons before following Coach Chris Finch to Belgium for a season in 2006/07 with Euphony Bree before returning to the UK to sign with the Newcastle Eagles in 2007 winning the BBL MVP in his first season and helping the Eagles win six trophies in his 3 seasons at Newcastle.

Fondly remember across the BBL, EuroBasket caught up with Lynard following the end of his own basketball season and firstly asked, what's Lynard Stewart up to these days?

Lynard is up to so many things, besides the family (he has a young son and daughter); during the day I work in the behavioural health field with middle school aged kids. In my afternoons I'm the Head Men's Basketball Coach for William PENN CHARTER Varsity High School.

I also started a business B-ALL (believe, achieve, live, and learn) with my best friend mentoring youth using sports as an intervention. So I've been and am very busy.

What's it like being a Head Coach albeit at a junior level?

I wouldn't say its totally at the junior level, because here in the states some kids go right to the NBA from high school, or now one year of college. So it's at a high level.

What's the team and facilities like?

The team is good; we have a good mix of elder players and young players. I think we have some great facilities; we have a main court, along with a field house. So I would say about 6 full court baskets. We have an indoor heated pool, along with soccer fields, lacrosse, baseball, and football fields.

What's the standard like?

I kinda answered this one already, but its very competitive. Philadelphia is a huge city I believe the 5 largest in the states, so we have loads of basketball talent.

What were your goals for this season?

I had simple goals for the season. I believed if we played together, played hard, and did all the things we need to do in practice we would be fine. In the end we finished the season strong and over all we finished 19 and 9. We suffered a 1 point lost in the State semi-finals which was hard to take as a win would have given us a shot at the State finals.

Have you any players we should look out for?

We have a few players that's should be on the radar. They need sometime in college first, but they are definite potential players.

What are Lynard Stewart's strengths as a coach and what's your style like?

Good question. I think my experience as a player is my best strength. Being taught the game by some of the best coaches in my area and then in Europe has been so helpful. The huge mix of discipline, determination, strategy, and will has helped so much.

My style is simple, run we can run, and when we can't let's run a good play. Next season we lose some of our big guys, so I think we going to adapt an up tempo style of play. I think I'm going to enjoy putting in different press defences and a quick offense.

From what coaches do you draw inspiration and what of their methods do you like and adopt?

All of my coaches have inspired me. But to name a few, my college coach John Chaney inspired me to create an attitude about the game of basketball, a winning attitude. My high school coach taught me meaning of being disciplined. Professional coaches like Chris Finch inspired me to study the game along with my opponent, Robbie Peers taught me to be a players coach along with being honest with the players, Fab Flournoy inspired me to install will and determination into my players.

How far is Lynard Stewart hoping to go as a coach?

Right now I'm happy to be where I am. Being able to teach the game at this level and see kids grow as players and young men is a wonderful feeling to have. But I've always dreamed of being able to coach with my brothers. We all played professionally at one point in our live, but we never got the chance to play together, so I would love for that to happen, if it ever does.

How much do you miss playing?

I miss playing a lot sometimes. I had to stay away from the game when I first retired. Because I knew I could still play at a high level, even now. So I limit how much I play. Because I know I'll get the urge. I stay in shape though; someone thought I was 27 the other day!

Do you keep an eye on The BBL?

I keep a few eyes on the BBL. I love the new website. I see that the eagles and Leicester have become the team to beat these days. And I also see that the government have cut funding for basketball I believe. Shocked to see that, especially after just hosting the Olympics although I believe that decision has been somewhat reversed now.

You had a great BBL career which you must look back on fondly?

There are so many moments to look back on. I find myself telling my friends here so many stories. I really miss the friends I made there. I stay in touch with them a lot. But those moments on the long bus rides home, or the times having a pint were very special. Ha-ha-ha-ha, I often recall winning the playoffs, I have a picture of that team up in my house.

What where your highlights in The BBL?

Winning the league, the playoffs, and MVP not sure what year that was (2007/08). My son tries to play with golden Molten ball all the time.

Do you keep in touch with any of your ex-team mates/coaches?

With today's social network it's easy to keep up with everyone. But I communicate with Chris Finch; I went to see his team play the other night. I talked to Fab when I can. Rob Yanders, Charles Smith, Justin Phoenix, and Jeremy Hyatt I've reached out to most.

What did you think of The BBL as a league and in its quality?

When I was last there, I felt there was a huge gap between teams. When I first entered the league all the teams played hard and had lots of talent. I know economically its hard for some cities, and without the support its almost impossible. Player wise there has always been some great players in the league.

Would you recommend The BBL to others?

Would I? I have recommended the league to others. I've often tried to get some players from my home town to get over there.

Anything else you'd like to say and/or add?

I miss the BBL a lot along with the fans. I think there is a huge opportunity for basketball to become a great sport there. But like everything its needs the right support. My time in the BBL will always have an impact on my life. I think the one regret I have now that I'm a coach is that I never attempted to be a player coach. I look back now and realise its something I should have done.

Lynards a genuine, nice guy and during his playing days a presence that every coach in the league feared and would have liked to have seen in their side. We thank Lynard for his time and input and wish him all the very best in the future.

Thanks Diesel!  

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