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Day: 3 Preliminary Round. Monday and Tuesday games - Sep 1, 2010

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Luka Drezga
Group A
Australia - Germany 78-43
Australia did not have any difficulties reaching the second win at the World Championship in Greece. The team smashed Germany 78:43 on Monday. Benzing gave the European lead but as it became clear later it was their last one. Australia responded with 12-0 run and took 12:2 advantage. Barlow David nailed three for 17:5 and McNaughton Christopher closed the opening quarter at 19:7. Andersen David drove a lay-up for 21:7, while Patrick Mills (183-G-88, college: St.Mary's, CA) nailed three for 24:12. Ingles Joseph followed him from the long range for 27:12 and Patrick Mills scored another three for 34:14. Heiko Schaffartzik (182-G-84) sent the teams to the lockers at 38:20 making a three-pointer. Patrick Mills started the third frame with another long shot and Ingles Joseph increased to 45:20. Ingles Joseph later scored fro 50:25, while Patrick Mills continued the artillery for 53:30. Worthington, Mark and Barlow, David also scored threes for 59:30 advantage. Martin Damian closed the third period at 62:31 when it became clear Australia would benefit from the game. McNaughton Christopher gave Germany 62:32 early in the fourt and Benzing, Robin scored three to reduce to 62:35 and Newley Brad gave his side 67:37. Aleks Maric (211-C-84) Aleksandar made a dunk for 69:37, while his lay-up brought 74:40. Aleks Maric Aleksandar again scored for 78:40 and Robin Benzing (208-F-89) reduced to 78:43. Those points were the last in the game as Australia reached a valuable victory. Patrick Mills paced all the winners with 16 points for 2-1 record. Aleks Maric followed him with 15 and Joe Ingles (203-G/F-87, agency: Priority Sports) scored 10. Robin Benzing replied with 11 points in the losing effort as Germany dropped to 1-2. Tim Ohlbrecht (211-C/F-88) netted 10 and Heiko Schaffartzik chipped in 7.

Angola - Argentina 70-91
Argentina beat Angola in the end of Day 3 however the game was not easy for them. The African team struggled a lot in the first three quarters, but fell with 0-18 in the fourth. Argentina grabbed 3-0 record after 91:70 win. Although Argentina started with 6-0 run, Angola responded with 8-0. Luis Scola (206-F/C-80) later tied the game at 11:11, while another seven points from the player saw 19:16 on the board. He also made a jump shot at the end of the first period for 23:20. Ambrosio Felizardo reduced to 25:22 and Almeida Carlos nailed three for 30:28. Luis Scola increased to 37:30 and Quinteros Alfredo posted tow for 42:32. Gutierrez, Juan was the last to score at the half for 45:32 Latin American squad deficit. Cipriano, Olimpio pulled his side back to 45:34, while Carlos Morais (190-G-85) cut it to 51:43. Carlos Delfino (198-G-82) managed to give his side 58:43, but Argentina could not keep that lead. Carlos Morais nailed three for 62:55 and Mingas Eduardo netted two for 62:59 after three quarters. Argentina erupted with 18-0 run to seal the third victory. Jasen Hernan scored for 82:59 when it became clear about the winner. Jeronimo Vladimir reduced to 82:61 and Joaquim Gomes (200-C/F-80, college: Valparaiso) scored for 87:69. Cequeira, Luis closed the game with a jump shot for 3-0 record. Luis Scola erupted with 32 points for the winners to remain undefeated. Carlos Delfino followed him with 22 and Juan Gutierrez (205-F/C-83) netted 9. Joaquim Gomes ended up with 16 points in the losing effort as Angola fell at 1-2. Olimpio Cipriano (194-F-82) notched 15 and Carlos Morais added 11.

Jordan - Serbia 69-112
Serbia opens Day 3 with an easy win over Jordan at the World Championship. The European team smashed the Asian representative 112:69 and improved to 2-1 record in the group. Dusko Savanovic (204-F/C-83, agency: Beo Basket) was the first to score in the game and Teodosic Milos nailed three for 10:6. Tepic Milenko later closed a 9-0 run for 19:7 lead, while Abbas Zaid reduced to 33:20 at the end of the first 10 minutes. Serbia continued to dominate the court and Teodosic Milos opened the second period for 35:20. Marko Keselj (205-F-88, agency: Beo Basket) increased to 43:24, while Kosta Perovic (217-C-85) scored for 45:29. Marko Keselj nailed three to close the half at 57:37 for Serbia. Alawadi Mousa drove a lay-up to start the third frame and Abbas Zaid cut it to 60:41. Dusko Savanovic drove a lay-up for 74:42 and Kosta Perovicmade the same for 78:45. Markovic Stefan closed the third period for 83:48 from the free throw line. Rasic Aleksandar later gave Serbia their three-digit number scoring for 101:64. He was also the last one to score in the game for the final success. Dusko Savanovic and Marko Keselj paced all the winners with 21 points each for the second win. Kosta Perovic netted 20, while Nemanja Bjelica (209-F/C-88, agency: Interperformances) netted 12. Osama Daghles (199-G-79, college: Midwestern St.) ended up with 19 points in the losing effort. Zaid Abbaas (203-F-83) brought 15 and Enver Soobzokov (198-G/F-78, college: Cal.St.-San Bernar.) added 9.

Group B
Tunisia - Iran 58-71
Iran enjoyed the first win at the World Championship in Turkey. They shot down Tunisia in Group B action tonight. Iran had to overcome a slow start. Tunisia jumped into a 5:0 lead but Iran went on an 18:2 run to cap the period taking a 23:11 lead at the first break. They maintained the lead well enough throughout the second quarter. Iran managed to stay in front in a low-scoring term as they posted a 33:23 advantage at halftime. Iran opened the second half with eight points in a row to stretch the lead. They soon boosted the gap to as many as 24 points 52:28. Tunisia struggled to pick up the tempo as they trailed by 19 points at the final intermission 36:55. Tunisia went on a desperate 16:1 run early in the fourth quarter and cut the deficit at just 4 points. Then Salah Mejri (214-C-86) dragged the African team within just three points 54:57 before Iran answered. The Asian side exploded with a 12:2 rally to clear off. Iran stayed in charge in the reminder of the contest and celebrated a well-deserved win at the end. Hamed Haddadi (218-C-85, agency: Agency No 10) scored 23 points and grabbed 13 boards for Iran. Mahdi Kamrani (181-G-82) added 15 points for the winners. Makram Ben Romdhane (198-F-89) and Salah Mejri accounted for 10 points each in the loss.

USA - Brazil 70-68
Brazil stepped up to be the first team to show how to play with the US team that actually is not the favorite anymore of the tournament. Poor performance allowed USA to escape Brazil, 70:68 and actually Brazil looked much better in the court. Huertas Marcelo surprised the favorites with 4 consecutive points for the first lead. USA bounced back with 7-0 run as Kevin Durant (206-G/F-88, college: Texas) closed the run. Vieira Marcus however scored five consecutive points for Brazil to increase to 13:10. Then it became the time of Leandrinho Barbosa (190-G-82) . At first the Brazilian player made a lay-up to reduce to 18:17 and then he nailed three for 26:22. Vieira Marcus followed him with a three for 33:25 and Machado Marcelo brought 35:30. Huertas Marcelo and Westbrook Russel exchanged the free throws for 37:32 Brazilian lead. Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose (193-G-88, college: Memphis) reduced to 37:36, while Giovannoni Guilherme nailed three for 43:38. Tiago Splitter (211-C/F-85, agency: Interperformances) scored a dunk to send the teams to the lockers at 46:43. The experts were mistaken if they predict an easy run fro USA after the halftime. Vieira Marcus made a dunk for 48:45, while Tiago Splitter drove a lay-up for 50:47. Only Kevin Durant tied it all at 50:50 with 5 minutes in the third and Iguodala Andre scored for 53:50. Chauncey Billups (191-G-76, college: Colorado) made two free throws for 55:50 and Machado Marcelo scored three for 55:53. Machado Marcelo cut it to 57:53 and Leandrinho Barbosa Leandro closed it to 61:58. He also made one free throw for 61:59 after three quarters. Vieira Marcus tied the game at 62:62 as the last quarter became the defensive one. Huertas Marcelo kept Brazil alive at 70:68 and then he was fouled for two shots. He missed the first one and missed the second on purpose, Brazil made a rebound and Leandrinho Barbosa missed a chance to send the game to overtime. Kevin Durant top-scored for the winners with 27 points as USA is with 3-0 record on top. Chauncey Billups netted 15 and Derrick Rose posted 11. Vieira Marcus ended up with 16 points in the losing effort as Brazil suffered the pity loss. Leandrinho Barbosa netted 14 and Tiago Splitter scored 13.

Slovenia - Croatia 91-84
Slovenia wins a long-range battle over Croatia 91:84 to take the second win at the World Championship. Slovenia improved to 2-1 record after eleven three-pointers mostly in the second half over Croatia. The latter also scored eleven and even showed better (55%) percentage. Both teams won one game and lost to the USA in the first two days. Brezec brought the first points for Slovenia and Zoric gave Croatia first points. Kus scored for 8:5 and Udrih reduced to 10:9. Croatia remained in front until the end of the opening quarter, while Slokar closed it with a lay-up for 18:16. Marko Tomas (201-G-85) opened another quarter from the arc and Roko-Leni Ukic (195-G-84) increased to 26:19. Banic upset Slovenia for 28:22, while Andric brought 32:24. Dragic reduced to 33:30, whilst Vidmar pulled Slovenia back to 39:37. Marko Tomas however gave Croatia 44:39 halftime advantage making a three-pointer. The third quarter was the quarter of threes. The players from each team showed a great percentage from the long range. Lakovic first tied the game at 44:44 and Roko-Leni Ukic brought the lead back to Croatia from the perimeter. Roko-Leni Ukic scored another one for 52:50, while Dragic gave Slovenia 55:52. Nachbar and Marko Popovic (185-G-82, college: S.Idaho JC) exchanged the threes and then Uros Slokar (210-F/C-83) and Zupan Miha scored another two for the biggest lead at 64:55. Roko-Leni Ukic closed the third period at 65:56. In the fourth period the teams continued to shoot from the long range and Croatia managed to come closer. Marko Popovic, Roko-Leni Ukic and again Marko Popovic reduced to 68:67 making threes. Marko Tomas and Zupan Miha again scored threes each for 72:71, while Jaka Lakovic (186-G-78) gave Slovenia 77:71 with another three. Dragic closed an 11-0 run as Slovenia enjoyed 80:71, while Marko Popovic and Roko-Leni Ukic cut it to 80:76. Udrih increased to 82:76 and Nachbar and again Udrih made one free throw each for 84:76. Lakovic scored two free throws for 86:79 and Dragic made two for 88:80. Zupan Miha made a dunk for the final 91:84 success. Uros Slokar and Jaka Lakovic top-scored for the winners with 15 points each. Goran Dragic (194-G-86, agency: Interperformances) nailed 14 and Bostjan Nachbar (207-G/F-80, agency: Interperformances) added 11. Roko-Leni Ukic responded with 20 points in the losing effort, whilst Marko Popovic and Marko Tomas netted 17 apiece.

Group C
Russia - Ivory Coast 72-66
Russia and Ivory Coast opened Day 4, their third games of the World Championship in Turkey. Russia could not reach an easy win and almost lost the game at the end, however survived a 72:66 thriller. Bykov Sergey brought the first points for the European team and Herve Lamizana (207-F/C-81, college: Rutgers) gave Ivory Coast 4:2. Vorontsevich Andrey later nailed three for 10:8 and Vorontsevich Andrey tied it all at 12:12. Russia needed a 5-0 run for 17:12 after the first 10 minutes. The run continued until 22:12 when Timofey Mozgov (216-C-86, agency: RIZO) increased to 10 points. Herve Lamizana cut it to 24:16, while Monya Sergey nailed three for 32:18. Guy Edi (196-G-88) replied from the perimeter for 34:24 and remained Russia scoreless until the end of the half. Ivory Coast scored another 6 points to trail 34:30 at the halftime. It seemed Russia should push the tempo at least in the third period, but the African team stayed tough in the court. Diabate, Mouloukou brought them back to 37:36 and Assie Brice tied it at 40:40. Russia needed a 6-0 run to take the bigger lead and Timofey Mozgov posted two for 49:42. Voronov Evgeny made two free throws at the end of thirty minutes for 53:44. Herve Lamizana and Konate Kinidinnin opened the last period as Ivory Coast cut it to 53:48. Vorontsevich Andrey and Ponkrashov Anton pulled Russia back to 10 and Khvostov Dmitriy gave Russia the biggest lead at 63:48. Mohamed Kone (211-C-81, college: Valparaiso) reduced to 63:50 with a phenomenon shot and another shot from the player showed 63:52 on the board. Sasha Kaun (211-C-85) broke Russian silence at 66:54 with 3 minutes to go. Edi, Guy then went to shoot five free throws after unsportsmanlike foul. He made 4 and then Diabate Mouloukou reduced to 68:66. Fridzon Vitaliy made however four free throws at the end for the final success. Timofey Mozgov paced all the winners with 19 points for 2-1 record. Sasha Kaun nailed 13 and Fridzon Vitaliy posted 9. Mohamed Kone replied with 16 points in the losing effort, while Guy Edi and Herve Lamizana added 14 apiece.

Puerto Rico - China 84-76
Puerto Rico celebrated the first win at the World Championship in Turkey. They held off China to improve at 1-2 record in Group C, while China suffered the second loss at the tournament. Wang ZhiZhi (214-C-79) ensured a 5:0 start to China. Jianlian Yi (212-C/F-87) gave China a 15:7 lead midway through the opening quarter. Jianlian Yi followed with a jumper as China grabbed a 10-point lead. However Puerto Rico capped the period on a 13:4 run to narrow the deficit at just a single point 20:21. Huertas opened the second quarter with a three-pointer as Puerto Rico surged in front. The teams traded baskets for some time. Vassalo and Carmelo Lee (201-F-77, agency: Paris Global Sports, college: Long Beach St.) helped the Latin American team to a 42:35 lead with just over a minute to go. Liu Wei cut the deficit but Vassalo dropped two free throws and Puerto Rico won the first half 44:37. Back-to-back Sun Yue were the part of an 8:0 start to the third frame from China as they cut the deficit. But Puerto Rico managed to get in control with six points in a row late in the frame. The Latin American team rallied to a 63:57 lead at the final intermission. China tried to keep it close in the early moments of the fourth quarter. But Puerto Rico persisted as they Nathan Peavy (203-F-85, agency: Limelight Hoops, college: Miami (OH)) gave them a 75:66 advantage. Jose Juan Barea (181-G-84, college: Northeastern) and Balkman helped Puerto Rico to an 80:69 lead with under five minutes to go. Puerto Rico controlled the game from now on as China never seriously threatened the margin. Angel D. Vassallo (198-G/F-86, college: Virginia Tech) knocked down 22 points to pace Puerto Rico. Jose Juan Barea, Nathan Peavy and Carmelo Lee added 13 points each for the winners. Jianlian Yi replied with game-high 24 points and 7 rebounds for China. Wang ZhiZhi had 17 points in the loss.

Greece - Turkey 65-76
Turkey cheered up their fans with a confident win over Greece in the third round of the World Championship. The hosts of the tournament posted the third straight win in Group C. Greece suffered the first loss as they fell at 2-1 record. Ersan Ilyasova (207-F-87) unloaded 26 points in the victory. Greece and Turkey stayed close in the opening minutes. Ersan Ilyasova helped the hosts to an 18:12 lead late in the starting frame. Ersan Ilyasova kept Turkey in charge as they won the opening frame 22:15. Sofoklis Schortsanitis (206-C-85) and Perperoglou teamed up for Greece and the Hellenes cut the margin to just two points 25:27. Back-to-back three-pointers from Ioannis Bourousis (212-C-83, agency: FCM) brought Greece within just one. Ender Arslan and Turkoglu scored next six points and Turkey regained an 8-point advantage. But Kaimakoglou and Spanoulis drained consecutive trebles and Greece trailed by only two points at halftime 39:41. Turkey went on a 7:0 run midway through the third quarter to gain a 9-point lead. Greece cut it back to five but Ilyasova hit a three-pointer and triggered a 10:1 run that gave the home team a 65:51 lead at the final break. Turkey put the fans on their feet scoring with a 7:0 run early in the fourth quarter. The Hellenes answered with an 11:1 rally to get back within 8 points. Hidayet Turkoglu stopped the bleeding for Turkey with a three-pointer and the teams went scoreless for more than three minutes at the end of the clash. Omer Asik (213-C-86) provided 12 points for the winners. Semih Erden (211-C-87) added 10 points for Turkey. Ioannis Bourousis replied with 15 points and 7 rebounds for Greece. Sofoklis Schortsanitis finished with 9 points in the losing effort.

Group D
New Zealand - Lebanon 108-76
New Zealand registered the vital win at the World Championship in Turkey. They bruised Lebanon to improve at 1-2 record in Group D. Lebanon slipped at 1-2 record in the ladder. It was the first frame that set the tone in this one. The Tall Blacks dominated the court. They scored eagerly accounting for as many as 30 points. New Zealand built a 30:13 lead at the first break. The teams traded baskets early in the second frame before New Zealand capped the first half with five consecutive points and grabbed 51:32 lead. Kirk Penney (196-G-80, college: Wisconsin) unloaded 14 points in the third term to keep the Tall Blacks rolling. They posted an 81:56 lead heading into the fourth quarter. The Kiwis tipped off the fourth quarter with an 11:3 run to boost the lead. Lebanon never returned the intrigue in this one as the Tall Blacks cruised to the win at the end. Kirk Penney was a usual top-scorer for New Zealand with 26 points. Thomas Abercrombie (198-G/F-87, college: Washington St.) added 23 points and 7 rebounds, while Phill Jones (196-G-74) had 13 points in the win. Fadi El Khatib (199-F-79, agency: Pro Management Agency) replied with 18 points and 7 rebounds for Lebanon. Rony Fahed (186-G-81, agency: Pro Management Agency) and Jean Abdelnour (197-G/F-83, agency: Pro Management Agency) knocked down 12 points each in the loss.

France - Canada 68-63
France grabbed 3-0 record on top of Group D after a thriller versus Canadian team. It is even difficult to say for how many times the score was tied in the court. Only due to the last seconds the European team managed to remain undefeated producing 68:63 victory. It was a slow start and the game continues to remain in the defensive style. Levon Kendall (209-F-84, college: Pittsburgh) put Canada in front, while Nicolas Batum (201-F-88) was the first to score for the European team. Levon Kendall made it 5:2 and Brown Denham increased to 10:5. Bokolo Yannick managed to tie the game at 15:15 after the first 10 minutes. Kelly Olynyk (211-F-91) again put Canada in front at 17:15 and he made two free throws later for 22:16. France created a 6-0 run as Mickael Gelabale (201-F-83) tied the game at 22:22. The score was also tied three more times until the end of the half and Kelly Olynyk kept it knotted at 28:28 after two quarters. Nicolas Batum and Levon Kendall exchanged the baskets in the start of the third period and Koffi Alain gave France 36:32. Canada needed a 7-0 run for 39:36, while again Nicolas Batum tied it at 39:39. Brown Denham later made the same for 41:41 and Kelly Olynyk replied with a three for 44:42 for Canada. Levon Kendall brought 48:45 and Bokolo Yannick closed the third period as Canada kept 48:46 lead. Kelly Olynyk opened the fourth quarter for 50:46 making two free throws and Bell Ryan increased to 6-point lead. Traore Ali tied it again at 54:54 and Jermaine Anderson (188-G-83, college: Fordham) made the same at 57:57. Brown Denham gave Canada 50:49 and Anthony Joel brought France 62:61. Mickael Gelabale scored for 64:61 and Jermaine Anderson reduced to 64:63 with 20 seconds in the game. Later Mickael Gelabale made two free throws for 66:63 and Canada still had time for the last long-range shot. Brown Denham however decided to come closer to the basket and was blocked by Koffi Alain. Nicolas Batum made another two free throws for the emotional victory. Nicolas Batum top-scored for the winners with 24 points, while Boris Diaw (203-F/C-82) and Mickael Gelabale netted 8 apiece. Levon Kendall responded with 15 points in the losing effort. Kelly Olynyk notched 13 and Jermaine Anderson scored 11.

Spain - Lithuania 73-76
Lithuania survived a heart-stopping final seconds to eke out a thrilling victory against Spain at the World Championship in Turkey. The victory propelled the Baltic team to a 3-0 record on top of Group D. Spain slipped at 1-2 record and endangered their title defense. Linas Kleiza (203-F-85, college: Missouri) finished with 17 points and 8 rebounds to pace the winners. Spain and Lithuania looked well-matched early in the game. They traded baskets before the defending champions unleashed a 13:2 run to take a 22:11 lead after ten minutes. Alex Mumbru scored four points in a row to stretch the lead for Sergio Scariolos team at the start of the second quarter. But back-to-back three-pointers from Jasaitis and Martynas Pocius (196-G-86, agency: Interperformances, college: Duke) started an 11:2 run from Lithuania as they cut the deficit. The Baltic team narrowed the deficit at just 6-point mark late in the period. Garbajosa and Marc Gasol (212-C-85, agency: Interperformances) stepped up for Spain as they restored a safe cushion. Spain established a 43:35 lead at the interval. Rudy Fernandez (197-G-85) stretched the lead to 10 points at the start of the third quarter. Soon Gasol made it a 13-point buffer for the Spanish team. The margin kept on growing and reached an 18-point mark as Spain seemed to roll. But Jonas Maciulis (198-G/F-85, agency: Interperformances) scored five points in a 7:3 run from Lithuania as they cut the deficit at 11-point mark heading into the fourth stanza. Linas Kleiza, Jonas Maciulis and Martynas Pocius organized a 10:0 rally at the start of the fourth quarter as the deficit almost evaporated. Gasol scored two free throws but Martynas Pocius immediately replied with a treble to knot things up at 69. Marc Gasol and Juan Carlos Navarro (192-G-80) gave the lead back to Spain but not for long. Mantas Kalnietis (196-G-86, agency: Interperformances), Linas Kleiza and Martynas Pocius teamed up for seven points in a row as Lithuania gained a 74:71 lead with 16 seconds remaining. Juan Carlos Navarro dragged Spain within one but Linas Kleiza went deadly from the stripe and iced the win for Lithuania. Jonas Maciulis and Martynas Pocius provided 13 points each for Lithuania. Mantas Kalnietis had 12 points in the win. Juan Carlos Navarro and Marc Gasol replied with 18 points each for Spain. Rudy Fernandez finished with 13 points in the loss.


Dzanan Musa
European Pre-Qualifiers. Day 6 - 2 days ago
Group A Armenia - Bosnia 66-83 Bosnia and Herzegovina upset Armenia in Yerevan to advance into the World Cup European Qualifiers. Dzanan Musa (200-SG-99, agency: BeoBasket) produced 21 points to lead the visitors to the crucial win. Bosnia eked out a 44:41 halftime lead. They went on an 18:4 run in the fourth quarter to ice the vital win. Obrad Tomic (206-C-93, agency: PEPI SPORT) netted 16 points in the victory. Ryan Boatright (183-PG-92, college: Connecticut) notched 22 points, 9 assis...   [read more]

Dzanan Musa
European Pre-Qualifiers. Day 5 - 6 days ago
Group A Sweden - Armenia 93-70 Sweden fired past Armenia for the third win in Group A. Tobias Borg (184-PG-93) delivered 16 points in the win. Sweden piled up a 56:32 halftime lead. They controlled the tempo in the second half and rallied to the victory. Viktor Gaddefors (201-SF-92, agency: Interperformances) tossed in 15 points, grabbed 8 rebounds and issued 5 assists in the victory. Ryan Boatright (183-PG-92, college: Connecticut) accounted for 32 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists for A...   [read more]

European Pre-Qualifiers. Day 4 - 9 days ago
Group A Bosnia - Sweden 72-88 Sweden overcame Bosnia to climb at 2-2 record in Group A. Thomas Massamba (183-PG-85) delivered 20 points to lead the Scandinavian team. Sweden secured a 44:36 halftime advantage. They held Bosnia to just 36 points in the second half and secured a key victory. Marcus Eriksson (201-G/F-93) tossed in 15 points in the win. Dzanan Musa (200-SG-99, agency: BeoBasket) answered with 12 points for Bosnia. Slovakia - Armenia 78-92 Armenia fired past Slovakia on the...   [read more]

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World Cup Standings
Group A - EU Pre-QF
 1. Sweden 4-2 
 2. Bosnia 4-2 
 3. Armenia 3-3 
 4. Slovakia 1-5 
Group B - EU Pre-QF
 1. Holland 3-1 
 2. Austria 3-1 
 3. Albania 0-4 
Group C - EU Pre-QF
 1. Estonia 3-1 
 2. Kosovo 2-2 
 3. FYR Macedon. 1-3 
Group D - EU Pre-QF
 1. Bulgaria 4-0 
 2. Belarus 1-3 
 3. Portugal 1-3 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 24.2
 1. Boatright, ARM24.2 
 2. Musa, BIH22.8 
 3. Poeltl, AUT20.0 
 4. Theodore, MKD19.5 
 5. Stojanovski, MKD18.8 
 6. Berisha, KOS18.8 
 7. Liutych, BLR17.8 
 8. Mahalbasic, AUT17.0 
 9. Vezenkov, BUL16.8 
 10. Veideman, EST15.3 
Rebounds Per Game
 Aleksander VEZENKOV
  Avg: 10.8
 1. Vezenkov, BUL10.8 
 2. Parakhouski, BLR8.8 
 3. Rancik, SVK8.2 
 4. Fischer, ARM7.8 
 5. Spires, SWE6.8 
 6. Ihring, SVK6.7 
 7. Paliashchuk, BLR6.5 
 8. Mahalbasic, AUT6.5 
 9. Kangur, EST6.5 
 10. Norel, NED6.3 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 5.8
 1. Boatright, ARM5.8 
 2. Berisha, KOS5.3 
 3. Kloof, NED5.0 
 4. Marinov, BUL5.0 
 5. Massamba, SWE4.8 
 6. Bost, BUL4.8 
 7. Theodore, MKD4.8 
 8. Lanegger, AUT4.5 
 9. Williams, NED4.5 
 10. Klepeisz, AUT4.3 
Steals Per Game
 Worthy DE JONG
  Avg: 2.5
 1. de-Jong, NED2.5 
 2. Hallman, POR2.3 
 3. Gaddefors, SWE2.3 
 4. Bost, BUL2.0 
 5. Stojanovski, MKD2.0 
 6. Voorn, NED1.8 
 7. Vezenkov, BUL1.8 
 8. Renfroe, BIH1.8 
 9. Boatright, ARM1.7 
 10. Musa, BIH1.7 
Blocks Per Game
 Nicholas SPIRES
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Spires, SWE2.3 
 2. Fusek, SVK1.2 
 3. Talts, EST1.0 
 4. Parakhouski, BLR1.0 
 5. Guerreiro, POR1.0 
 6. Shima, ALB0.8 
 7. Poeltl, AUT0.8 
 8. Shoshi, KOS0.8 
 9. Mahalbasic, AUT0.8 
 10. Chrabascz, ARM0.8 
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