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Play-Off bracket1
Results and Stats from Day 2 in Kazan - Jul 8, 2013

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Russia-Estonia 106:43

Russia closed Day 2 with the win over Estonia at the 2013 University Games. The home side of the tournament posted the second straight 106:43 win for 2-0 record. Estonia meanwhile fell at 1-1 record as they suffered their first loss.
Russia proved the ambitions again for the top places in Kazan and did not have any problems reaching another victory. They started the game with 24-10 and added 25-13 surge in the second period. The third period was a nightmare for the guests that managed to score only 4 points. Russia exploded with 26 and then added 31-16 rally in the last period.
Sergey Karasev (202-SG-93, agency: Stanislav Ryzhov) top-scored for the winners with 25 points and Maxim Grigoryev (195-G-90) notched 20. ANTIPOV Pavel delivered 14 and KULAGIN Dmitrii notched 12. Kristjan Keres (196-F-89) and PUIDET Jaan produced 9 points each, while ULP Priidik had 8. VOOLAID Kristjan delivered 6 points in a loss.

Russia: Sergey Karasev 25, Maxim Grigoryev 20, ANTIPOV Pavel 14, KULAGIN Dmitrii 12
Estonia: Kristjan Keres 9, PUIDET Jaan 9, ULP Priidik 8, VOOLAID Kristjan 6

Germany-Ukraine 78:58
Germany rolled over Ukraine in Kazan at the 2013 University Games. The German side improved to 1-1 record after a comfortable 78:58 win. Ukraine however fell at 0-2 record in Group A.
Germany and Ukraine lost their opener sin Day 1 and looked forward to achieve the initial win. The German side posted a 18:14 lead in the first period and led 4 points at the halftime. The third quarter was decisive in the game as Germany needed a 25-13 surge to seal the victory. They also posted 18-14 run in the last quarter for 20-point success.
Anthony Canty (183-PG-91) top-scored for the winners with 18 points and Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann (208-C-90, agency: Court Side) notched 16. SCHMIDT Stefan scored 12, while KLEIN Konstantin added 10. ROCHNIAK Anton answered with 20 points in defeat, whilst SAINIIEV Vasyl had 9. BOROVSKYI Rodion and POLIEZHAIEV Ivan poured in 6 points apiece.

Germany: Anthony Canty 18, Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann 16, SCHMIDT Stefan 12, KLEIN Konstantin 10
Ukraine: ROCHNIAK Anton 20, SAINIIEV Vasyl 9, BOROVSKYI Rodion 6, POLIEZHAIEV Ivan 6

South Korea-Oman 126:77
South Korea beat Oman in Kazan in Day 2 of the 2013 University Games. The Asian team celebrated the second straight 126:77 win for 2-0 record. Oman meanwhile fell at 0-2 record.
South Korea won the opening period 34:12 and added 20-15 in the second frame. Moreover the team dominated the second half and won both quarters. South Korea needed 35-24 lead in the third period for 89:51 lead and added 37-26 rally in the last stanza.
HEO Ung top-scored for the winners with 27 points and JEON Seong Hyen netted 17. JEONG Hyo Geun and KIM Jihoo poured in 14 points each, while LEE Hyeon Seok added 10. AL ASMI Mohamed ended up with 20 points in the losing effort and BANI ARABA Haitham netted 14. AL SAADI Said and AL FARRAJI Hassan brought 10 points each.

South Korea: HEO Ung 27, JEON Seong Hyen 17, JEONG Hyo Geun 14, KIM Jihoo 14, LEE Hyeon Seok 10
Oman: AL ASMI Mohamed 20, BANI ARABA Haitham 14, AL SAADI Said 10, AL FARRAJI Hassan 10


Serbia-Philippines 125:44

Serbia leave no chances for Philippines in day 2 of the 2013 University Games. The Balkan team won their second game in a row as they posted a 125:44 victory. Philippines meanwhile fell at 0-2 record.
Serbia started the game with a 7-0 run and never looked behind after. The European team managed to win the first period 24:15 and added massive 35-11 in the second period. Serbia erupted with another 29-10 surge in the third period and finished the game with 37-8 burst.
Milos Dimic (195-G-89, agency: INVICTUS Sports Group) stepped up with 22 points for the winners, while DRENOVAC Dorde had 20. GAGIC Dorde delivered 15, MARKOVIC Nikola had 14, whilst Dejan Djokic (187-G-89) collected 12 points and 10 assists. ABAD John responded with 8 points in the losing effort and MENDOZAN Vincent as well as PEROLINO Chris added 7 each. CODILLA Alfred finished the game with 6 points in defeat.

Serbia: Milos Dimic 22, DRENOVAC Dorde 20, GAGIC Dorde 15, MARKOVIC Nikola 14, Dejan Djokic 12+10 ast
Philippines: ABAD John 8, MENDOZAN Vincent 7, PEROLINO Chris 7, CODILLA Alfred 6

Mexico-Mongolia 108:54
Mexico thrash Mongolia in Day 2 of the 2013 University Games. The Latin American side won all the quarters of the game for the final 108:54 win. Mexico improved to 2-0 record in Group B, while Mongolia fell at 0-2.
Mexico was the favorite of the game and started with 25-13 surge. They added massive 29-12 burst in the second frame and led 54:25 at the halftime. Moreover Mexico dominated the second half as well and won both quarters. They had 29-18 in the third period and finished with 25-11 in the last stanza.
Mauricio Cheda (198-F-90, college: UTEP) top-scored for the winners with 17 points and JAIMES Fabian notched 13. BENITEZ Fernando brought 12, whilst GRACIA Ivan had 11. Azbayar Tserendagva (202-F-89) finished the night with 18 points in defeat and BATTUVSHIN Bilguun poured in 11. DAVAASAMBUU Delgernyam scored 8, whilst TUNGALAG Sanchir added 7.

Mexico: Mauricio Cheda 17, JAIMES Fabian 13, BENITEZ Fernando 12, GRACIA Ivan 11
Mongolia: Azbayar Tserendagva 18, BATTUVSHIN Bilguun 11, DAVAASAMBUU Delgernyam 8, TUNGALAG Sanchir 7

Romania -Japan 77:57
Romania jumps top 2-0 record in Group B at the 2013 University Games. The European side celebrated another victory as they beat Japan 77:57. The latter meanwhile fell at 0-2 record.
Romania won the opening period 20-9 and never looked behind in the game. They added 18-13 in the second period and led 16 points at the halftime. Moreover Romanian posted two narrow wins in the second half and remained undefeated. Romania won the third quarter 19-18 and added 20-17 rally at the end of the game.
Adrian Gutoaia (198-C-90, agency: Court Side) top-scored for the winners with 16 points and CORPODEAN Vlad as well as TOROK Rolland had 12 each. TOTH George followed them with 9 points in a win. NOMOTO Kengo and UTO Naoki replied with 12 points each in defeat, whilst FUJII Yuma and BANDO Taku had 5 apiece.

Romania: Adrian Gutoaia 16, CORPODEAN Vlad 12, TOROK Rolland 12, TOTH George 9
Japan: NOMOTO Kengo 12, UTO Naoki 12, FUJII Yuma 5, BANDO Taku 5


Canada-United Arab Emirates 137:43

Canada stun United Arab Emirates at the Miras Sports Complex of the 2013 University Games. Canada reached 137:43 win for 2-0 record in Kazan. The United Arab Emirates meanwhile dropped at 0-2 record.
Canada opened the game with 18 answered points and never looked behind after. They won the first period 31:12 and added 36-15 in the second frame. Moreover the favorites posted a crucial 33-12 surge in the third period and finished the game with 37-4 in the last stanza.
Brady Heslip (188-G-90) and WILTJER Kyle led the way with 22 points each, while POWELL Dwight added 21. Mangisto Arop (198-F-90) followed them with 14 points in a win. ZUWAYED KHALIFA Saleh poured in 15 points and AL BRAIKI Mohamed as well as OMAR ALAMERI Omer had 10 each in defeat.

Canada: Brady Heslip 22, WILTJER Kyle 22, POWELL Dwight 21, Mangisto Arop 14
United Arab Emirates: ZUWAYED KHALIFA Saleh 15, AL BRAIKI Mohamed 10, OMAR ALAMERI Omer 10

USA-Czech Republic 96:53
USA outclass Czech Republic for 2-0 record at the 2013 University Games. The American side left no chance for the European team after a 96:53 win. Czech Republic meanwhile fell at 0-2 record.
USA scored the first 4 points in the game and led 12:4 in the opening tip. They managed to win the first period 20-9 and added 21-13 in the second frame. Moreover USA looked better in the second half and posted two victories. They won the third period 25-16 and finished the game with 30-15 surge.
MCDERMOTT Douglas top-scored for the winners with 23 points and 10 rebounds, while Luke Hancock (198-F-90) netted 15. JEFFERSON Cory collected 10 points and 15 rebounds, while SHEEHEY William scored also 10. PETERKA Ondrej finished the game with 12 points in defeat and VOSLAJER Tomas netted 11. SOTNAR Michal poured in 9, while SLAVIK Jiri netted 6.

USA: MCDERMOTT Douglas 23+10 rebs, Luke Hancock 15, JEFFERSON Cory 10+15 rebs, SHEEHEY William 10
Czech Republic: PETERKA Ondrej 12, VOSLAJER Tomas 11, SOTNAR Michal 9, SLAVIK Jiri 6

Australia-Sweden 70:53
Australia keep Sweden winless at the 2013 University Games. Australia meanwhile improved to 2-0 record after a 70:53 win. The Scandinavian side suffered their second loss and dropped at the bottom of the group.
It was a great start from both teams that stayed close to each other in the first period. Only 13-12 rally allowed Australia to take the lead as they also added 16-7 surge later in the half. Australia won the third period 19-14 and finished the game with a 22-20 run.
DUMOVIC Andrija stepped up with 12 points for the winners and Ryan Broekhoff (201-F-90, agency: Priority Sports) nailed 11. CADEE Jason brought 8, whilst ELLIS Cody and YOUNG Mitch notched 7 each. Alexander Lindqvist (205-F-91) delivered 12 points in defeat, while CZERAPOWICZ Chris and BARTON Charles had 9 each. Gustav Sundstrom (197-G-91) finished the game with 5 points in a loss.

Australia: DUMOVIC Andrija 12, Ryan Broekhoff 11, CADEE Jason 8, ELLIS Cody 7, YOUNG Mitch 7
Sweden: Alexander Lindqvist 12, CZERAPOWICZ Chris 9, BARTON Charles 9, Gustav Sundstrom 5


Lithuania-Chile 116:51

Lithuania starts with 14-0 run to beat Chile in Day 2 of the 2013 University Games. The Baltic side overcame the opponents 116:51 for 2-0 record. Chile fell at 0-2 record in Group D.
Only AGUIRRE Diego managed to break the silence for his team in the game as Chile trailed 2:14 in the opening tip. Lithuania won the first period 34-12 and added massive 29-8 in the second frame. The second half also belonged to the favorites as Lithuania won the third quarter 37-18 to have 100:38 after three quarters. The Baltic side added 16-13 rally in the last period for the final success.
KUPSAS Mindaugas top-scored for the winners with 20 points and Adas Juskevicius (194-G/F-89) netted 15. CIZAUSKAS Vytenis brought 13 points and LIPKEVICIUS Vytenis notched 12. ALVAREZ Tomas answered with 13 points in the losing effort, while Rocco Cotroneo (202-C-89), IRRIBARRA Jonathan and BUSTAMANTE Camilo added 9 apiece.

Lithuania: KUPSAS Mindaugas 20, Adas Juskevicius 15, CIZAUSKAS Vytenis 13, LIPKEVICIUS Vytenis 12, BUTERLEVICIUS Simas 11
Chile: ALVAREZ Tomas 13, Rocco Cotroneo 9, IRRIBARRA Jonathan 9, BUSTAMANTE Camilo 9

Finland - Brazil 65:75
Brazil improved to 2-0 record in Group D of the 2013 University Games. Brazil overcame Finland 75:65 and handed them their first loss.
Brazil managed to take 16:15 lead at the end of the first period and then erupted with 23-13 burst in the second quarter. Finland recovered a bit in the second half but could not change the picture in the game.
BERNARDI Joao tops-cored for the winners with 16 points and Leonardo Meindl (200-F-93) netted 10. ALVES MAIA Rafael delivered 9, while CHAIA George had 8. AHONEN Roope answered with 23 points in the losing case and LINDBOM Carl poured in 14. Juho-Matti Lehtoranta (194-SF-89) delivered 12, while NIKKARINEN Antto added 11.
Brazil made 20/27 shots from the 2-point line. They scored however only 6 three-pointers out of 20.

Finland: AHONEN Roope 23, LINDBOM Carl 14, Juho-Matti Lehtoranta 12, NIKKARINEN Antto 11
Brazil: BERNARDI Joao 16, Leonardo Meindl 10, ALVES MAIA Rafael 9, CHAIA George 8

China-Norway 74:106

Norway upset China in Day 2 of the 2013 University Games. The Nordic side improved to 1-1 record after a 106:74 victory. The Chinese team meanwhile suffered their second loss and dropped at 0-2 record.
Both teams lost their openers and desired to open the winning account. Norway started the game with 26:11 run and continued their dominance in the rest of the game. The European team added 19-14 in the second period and led 20 points at the halftime. Moreover Norway won the third period 26-15 and finished the game with 35-34 rally.
Stian Mjos (182-PG-89) paced all the winners with 22 points and STIEN Anders as well as Karamo Jawara (201-F-91) had 16. FIVELSTAD Magne poured in 10 points in a win. CUI Jinming ended up with 14 points in the losing effort and LIU Zihao as well as GAO Xiangnan had 11 each. ZHANG Hanqi and WEI Meng poured in 9 points each in a loss.

China: CUI Jinming 14, LIU Zihao 11, GAO Xiangnan 11, ZHANG Hanqi 9, WEI Meng 9
Norway: Stian Mjos 22, STIEN Anders 16, Karamo Jawara 16, FIVELSTAD Magne 10   

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 5. Tsai, HKG17.5 
 6. Edwards, USA17.4 
 7. Kirves, EST17.4 
 8. Alvarez Diez, MEX17.1 
 9. Odabasi, FIN17.1 
 10. Obst, GER16.5 
Rebounds Per Game
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 1. Odabasi, FIN11.7 
 2. Jonatan, MEX10.1 
 3. Lazar, ROM9.8 
 4. Carlos, MOZ9.0 
 5. Abdulbasirov, RUS8.9 
 6. Ginat, ISR8.6 
 7. Gak, AUS8.4 
 8. Galardo, ARG8.1 
 9. Cooks, AUS8.1 
 10. Richter, GER7.6 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 7
 1. Sharon, ISR7.0 
 2. Chen, TAI6.6 
 3. Boyarkin, UKR6.6 
 4. Keane, CAN5.3 
 5. Sandrini, ARG5.1 
 6. Artamonov, UKR4.9 
 7. Grof, GER4.9 
 8. Urrutia, MEX4.9 
 9. Ziv, ISR4.8 
 10. Jihoon, KOR4.8 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Keane, CAN2.8 
 2. Thomas, ARG2.8 
 3. Mubarak, UAE2.5 
 4. Ziv, ISR2.5 
 5. Mohammad, UAE2.4 
 6. Urrutia, MEX2.3 
 7. Edwards, USA2.1 
 8. Vendrame, JPN2.1 
 9. Shuchman, ISR2.0 
 10. Boyarkin, UKR2.0 
Blocks Per Game
 Xavier COOKS
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Cooks, AUS2.4 
 2. Ahmed, UAE2.3 
 3. Brkic, SRB2.0 
 4. Tejic, SRB1.6 
 5. Park, KOR1.6 
 6. Haas, USA1.5 
 7. Madsen, FIN1.4 
 8. Kovago-Laska, HUN1.4 
 9. Kvapil, CZE1.3 
 10. Abdulbasirov, RUS1.3 
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