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Day 2 in Belgrade - Jul 3, 2009

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University Games, Day 2: Greece - Australia 89-72

Greece made it in the second match on World University Games in Belgrade. After yesterday's defeat against Serbia, the Greeks managed to beat Australia 89-72 for 1-1 record in Group A. That was the first appearance for Australians, who will meet Serbia tomorrow. For the hosts (SRB) it will be a chance to end this stage on top of Group A perfect.
Dimitris Verginis (194-G-87, agency: FCM) was the most important player for the Greeks today nailing 25 points and dishing out 5 assists. Sotiris Manolopoulos (208-F-87) also shined collecting 18 points and 8 boards, while Dimitrios Kompodietas (196-G-85) followed with 16 pts. Savas Tzougarakis (207-C-86) added one point less, plus 5 boards. In Team Australia, Cameron Tovey (200-F-85, college: Augusta St.) registered 20 pts and 7 rebounds. Ben Madgen (193-G-85, college: Augusta St.) had 15 and Jesse Wagstaff (203-F-86, college: Metro St.) posted 12 points.
Greece had very good percentage from behind the arc today. They made 12 of 25 attempts (48%). Australia had only 4 of 22. Dimitris Verginis and his teammates also were better in rebounding 38-34. Last period was the crucial one in this game as Greece finished it 26-17. After 19-19 in the first, Greece made 17-12 in second and 27-24 in third stanza.

Greece: Dimitris Verginis 25+5 as, Sotiris Manolopoulos 18+8 boards, Dimitrios Kompodietas 16, Savas Tzougarakis 15+5 boards
Australia: Cameron Tovey 20+7 boards, Ben Madgen 15+5 boards, Jesse Wagstaff 12


University Games, Day 2: Mexico - Romania 73-78

Romania managed to grab the second win on the World University Games in Belgrade. After victory against United Arab Emirates, the Romanians were better than Mexico 78-73. It means that Romania and Lithuania are on top of Group B together with 2-0 record. Mexico fell to 0-2.
Titus Nicoara (200-F-88, agency: Interperformances) was the best player in the winning squad collecting 21 points and 13 rebounds. Andrei Mandache (190-G-87) and Mihai Silvasan (200-F-85, agency: Court Side) also demonstrated nice performance adding 19 pts each. Fourth scorer of the team was Ionut Dragusin (221-C-85) with 14 pts. He also grabbed 9 rebounds beside that. On the other side, Jose Luis Bucio (179-G-86) top-scored with 17 points. Joel Reynoso (195-G-85) had 13, while Joaquin Villanueva (207-C-86) and Gabriel Giron (188-G) contributed with 12 pts each.
The Romanians resolved question about the winner in the last quarter. Both teams were pretty leveled until that moment, when Titus Nicoara and his teammates exploded. They scored 23 points, the most off all quarters today, while Mexico stopped on 5 less. That was the difference at the end. Romania will meet Lithuania tomorrow, while Mexico will take on United Arab Emirates.

Mexico: Jose Luis Bucio 17, Joel Reynoso 13+6 boards, Joaquin Villanueva 12+12 boards, Gabriel Giron 12
Romania: Titus Nicoara 21+13 boards, Andrei Mandache 19+6 boards, Mihai Silvasan 19, Ionut Dragusin 14+9 boards

University Games, Day 2: UAE - Lithuania 48-131

Lithuania demonstrated its power today. The Lithuanians showed what they can yesterday against Mexico, but this evening was pretty amazing for them. UAE players played as much as they can, but difference in quality between these two teams is huge. At the end of the second day of the World University Games in Belgrade Lithuania shares the first place in Group B with Romania (2-0 record). UAE is together with Mexico winless.
Arnas Labuckas (205-F-87) led all the scorers today with 26 points (6 rebs). Martynas Mazeika (190-G-85, agency: Limelight Hoops) followed him with 20, while Martynas Pocius (196-G-86, agency: Interperformances) added 15 pts. Laurynas Mikalauskas (203-F-85, college: Virginia) helped with 14 points and 8 rebounds. UAE had just two players with double-digits in scoring. Khalifa Khalil Ibrahim (180-G-91), who had 20, and Omar Khalid Faqqas (195-F-91), who netted 12 pts.
In third day of the contest Lithuania will meet Romania. That will be decisive game for the first place in Group B. At the same day UAE will take on Mexico. The team who looses this game will be the last ranked in this pool.

UAE: Khalifa Khalil Ibrahim 20, Omar Khalid Faqqas 12
Lithuania: Arnas Labuckas 26+6 boards, Martynas Mazeika 20, Martynas Pocius 15+6 boards, Laurynas Mikalauskas 14+8 boards


University Games, Day 2: Italy - China 90-79

First win for Italy in Belgrade. The Italians suffered defeat yesterday against Canada 80-89, but today they succeeded to beat China 90-79 for 1-1 record in Group C. China will have opportunity tomorrow to register first win, but it will not be an easy job as Canadians demonstrated pretty good performance in their first appearance.
Giancarlo Ferrero (194-G/F-88, agency: Players Group) (194-G/F-88, agency: Players Group) was a key player for the winning squad. He was totally unstoppable for the Chinese nailing impressive 34 points. His 7 of 11 attempts from behind the arc were successful and beside that he had 4/11 for FG2 and 5/8 FTs. Ferrero needed just two boards more for double-double. Roberto Prandin (188-G-86) was way behind him with 12, while Davide Bruttini (203-F-87) added 11 points and 5 boards. In Team China, Yang Chao (195-G/F-84) top-scored with 16 points. Zhang ZhaoXu (213-C-87) had 15 points and impressive 16 rebounds, while Ren JunFei (202-F-90) contributed with 15 pts and 5 rebs.
China was slightly better during the opening ten minutes, but Italy totally took control on them after that. Giancarlo Ferrero started to make shots lifting his team to plus 4 at the half time. Third stanza was the crucial one as Italy intensified defense stopping China on just 14 pts. On the other side, they nailed 25 resolving question about the winner. Last 10 minutes were just the formality.

Italy: Giancarlo Ferrero 34+8 boards, Roberto Prandin 12, Davide Bruttini 11+5 boards
China: Yang Chao 16, Zhang ZhaoXu 15+16 boards, Ren JunFei 15+5 boards


University Games, Day 2: Ukraine - Bulgaria 71-79

Bulgaria opened the World University Games in Belgrade celebrating. Ukrainians also were victorious in the first appearance beating Japan 104-74, but they failed today. It means that Ukraine ends this stage with 1-1 record in Group D, while Bulgaria will play its second game tomorrow.
Hristo Nikolov (200-F-85) led the scorers in Bulgaria with 15 points. Chavdar Kostov (196-G-88, agency: Interperformances) followed with 14, Ivan Lilov (196-F/G-88, agency: FCM) had 13 and Nikolay Varbanov (209-C-85, agency: Interperformances) 12 points and 5 rebounds. Ukraine got the most from Dmitri Glebov (198-F-88), 17 points. Sergiy Popov (193-G-88) had 15 and Vyacheslav Kravtsov (212-C-87, agency: Interperformances) contributed with 13 points and 9 rebounds.
Bulgaria was better team in the first half. Hristo Nikolov and his teammates scored 23 in first and 17 points in the second frame, while Ukraine had 20 and 14. The Ukrainians woke up after the breather. They started to make shots managing to close the gap to 1 point before the last 10 minutes. However, that was all from them today. Bulgarians scored 21 points until the end stopping Ukraine on 14. Interesting is that Ukraine finished the game with 38 rebounds, while Bulgaria had 25.

Ukraine: Dmitri Glebov 17, Sergiy Popov 15, Vyacheslav Kravtsov 13+9 boards
Bulgaria: Hristo Nikolov 15, Chavdar Kostov 14, Ivan Lilov 13, Nikolay Varbanov 12+5 boards


University Games, Day 2: Portugal - Iran 86-78

Portugal made it in the second appearance on the World University Games in Belgrade. In the first game, which was played yesterday, the Portuguese failed against Turkey 62-84. Today they improved a lot beating Iran 86-78 for 1-1 record in Group E. On the other side, that was the first match of Iran who will take on Turkey tomorrow.
Antonio Pires (185-G-86) stepped up for Portugal today registering double-double, 16 points and 11 rebounds. He also dished out 6 assists beside that. Fernando Martins (187-G/F-86) also scored 16, while Joao Diamantino (201-F-85) added 10 pts. Mohammad Reza Akbari (197-F/G-86) shined on the other side with 18 points and 14 rebounds. Benny Koochoie (188-G-86) was another player with double-double, 17 pts and 10 rebs, while Ali Baheran (184-G-86) stopped on 14 pts and 5 rebounds.
Second quarter was the crucial one in this game. Opening ten minutes were pretty leveled, but then Portugal started to play. Antonio Pires took full control on their opponents smashing them 32-16 in this period. The Iranians improved after the breather, but they were not able to make a turn. Portugal managed to keep its lead and totally deserved the first win in Belgrade.

Portugal: Antonio Pires 16+11 boards+6 as, Fernando Martins 16, Joao Diamantino 10
Iran: Mohammad Reza Akbari 18+14 boards, Benny Koochoie 17+10 boards, Ali Baheran 14+5 boards


University Games, Day 2: Brazil - Russia 62-99

Russia demonstrated magnificent performance today in Belgrade outgunning Brazil with huge 99-62. It means that Russians now have 2-0 record in Group F. As a reminder, the first game against Gabon was not played and Russia won it with official 20-0. As Russia, Israel also has perfect 2-0 record in the pool. Brazil fell to 0-2.
Valeri Likhodey (203-F-86) led the scorers in Russia with 21 points. Dramir Zibirov (188-G-86) is another player who shined today and he drained 20 points, also grabbing 5 rebounds. Nikita Shabalkin (204-F-86) delivered 15 pts and pulled down 5 rebs. In Brazil, Douglas Kurtz (206-C-87) had 17 and Andre Goes (195-G/F-87) added 14 pts.
Russia dominated during the entire game. Actually, Brazil maybe had some chance before the last quarter, but than all their hopes quickly disappeared. Russia started to play much stronger at the defensive end limiting their rivals on 15 pts in the last quarter. On the other side, they were totally unstoppable. 35 points scored until the end was a great finish for the Russians, who will meet Israel tomorrow in crucial game for position No.1.

Brazil: Douglas Kurtz 17, Andre Goes 14
Russia: Valeri Likhodey 21, Dramir Zibirov 20+5 boards, Nikita Shabalkin 15+5 boards


University Games, Day 2: Latvia - South Africa 100-42

As it was expected, Latvia was too strong for South Africa today in Belgrade. The Latvians outplayed Germany yesterday 80-76 meaning that they will finish Preliminary Stage on top of Group G with perfect 2-0. On the other side, South Africa will have another chance for the first joy. That will be tomorrow against the above mention Germans.
Oskars Ernsteins (194-G/F-87, college: Carl Albert JC) was totally unstoppable today. He led the Latvians in scoring with impressive 28 points. Einars Tukiss (193-G/F-88) was the second best player in Latvia with 17 points, 5 boards and 5 assists, while Edijs Slesers (186-G-85) helped with 13 pts and 7 rebounds. South Africa got double-double from Amogelang Keogatile (193-G-88), 10 pts and 12 rebounds. Nhlanhla Dlamini (174-G-86) contributed with 9 points and 4 rebs.
The finals score says everything for itself. Latvia was a way better rival from the beginning. First quarter was a clear signal what we can expect until the end as Latvia ended it with 26-7. Third quarter was another impressive one for the winners, 30-10. Until the end Latvia moved up even more with 29-11 for huge plus 58 in total.

Latvia: Oskars Ernsteins 28, Einars Tukiss 17+5 boards+ 5 as, Edijs Slesers 13+7 boards, Martins Kravcenko (190-G-85, agency: Interperformances) 11
South Africa: Amogelang Keogatile 10+12 boards, Nhlanhla Dlamini 9+4 boards


University Games, Day 2: Finland - USA 40-87

Expected victory by the USA Team. It was their first appearance on the World University Games in Belgrade and of course the first win. The Americans was clearly too much for Finland, who fell to 1-1 record in Group H. As a reminder, Finland was better than South Korea yesterday 90-75. Tomorrow USA will meet Korea and another easy win is expected again.
Craig Brackins (6'10''-F-87) led the Americans with 16 points and 9 rebounds. Corey Fisher (6'1''-G-88) followed him with 12 pts and 4 rebs, while Robbie Hummel (6'8''-F-89) added 10 points. In Team Finland, Ville Makalainen (6'5''-F-85, agency: Pro Partner Sports Management) had 13 points and 5 rebounds. Petri Heinonen (6'10''-F/C-88) contributed with 11 points.
The fact that USA had 20 rebounds more (54-34) talks everything about this game, of course with the final score as well. It is important to mention that Finland scored just 2 points during the entire last quarter. On the other side USA had 23. The USA University Team is one of the main candidates for Gold in Belgrade and it seems they are just warming up. The most important games are yet to come.

Finland: Ville Makalainen 13+5 boards, Petri Heinonen 11
USA: Craig Brackins 16+9 boards, Corey Fisher 12+4 boards, Robbie Hummel 10


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Dejan Vasiljevic
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Guntis Sipolins
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Lithuania edge USA to claim title in Taipei - 2 months ago
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USA and Lithuania to battle for title in Taipei - 2 months ago
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Points Per Game
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 4. Leung, HKG17.8 
 5. Tsai, HKG17.5 
 6. Edwards, USA17.4 
 7. Kirves, EST17.4 
 8. Alvarez Diez, MEX17.1 
 9. Odabasi, FIN17.1 
 10. Obst, GER16.5 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 11.7
 1. Odabasi, FIN11.7 
 2. Jonatan, MEX10.1 
 3. Lazar, ROM9.8 
 4. Carlos, MOZ9.0 
 5. Abdulbasirov, RUS8.9 
 6. Ginat, ISR8.6 
 7. Gak, AUS8.4 
 8. Galardo, ARG8.1 
 9. Cooks, AUS8.1 
 10. Richter, GER7.6 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 7
 1. Sharon, ISR7.0 
 2. Chen, TAI6.6 
 3. Boyarkin, UKR6.6 
 4. Keane, CAN5.3 
 5. Sandrini, ARG5.1 
 6. Artamonov, UKR4.9 
 7. Grof, GER4.9 
 8. Urrutia, MEX4.9 
 9. Ziv, ISR4.8 
 10. Jihoon, KOR4.8 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Keane, CAN2.8 
 2. Thomas, ARG2.8 
 3. Mubarak, UAE2.5 
 4. Ziv, ISR2.5 
 5. Mohammad, UAE2.4 
 6. Urrutia, MEX2.3 
 7. Edwards, USA2.1 
 8. Vendrame, JPN2.1 
 9. Shuchman, ISR2.0 
 10. Boyarkin, UKR2.0 
Blocks Per Game
 Xavier COOKS
  Avg: 2.4
 1. Cooks, AUS2.4 
 2. Ahmed, UAE2.3 
 3. Brkic, SRB2.0 
 4. Tejic, SRB1.6 
 5. Park, KOR1.6 
 6. Haas, USA1.5 
 7. Madsen, FIN1.4 
 8. Kovago-Laska, HUN1.4 
 9. Kvapil, CZE1.3 
 10. Abdulbasirov, RUS1.3 
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